Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's hear it for the BoyS!

It appears the Pirate Poops haven't walked the plank yet so it made for a long night for the one on diaper changing

When I woke up, I looked and felt like a drunk lady who had been hit by a bus. You know, the one with frizzed out hair in satin pj's with a sleep mask crooked on her face? Do you catch the image I'm trying to paint for you?

Mr. Atwood and Manny -aka Uncle Austy- came to the rescue.

*Warning: if you're sleep deprived and have jealous tendencies, stop reading at this point. Otherwise, carry on.*

Boy Hero #1:

Tat decided to fore go his morning for the gym and wake up with A & her leaky diaper, saturated jammers, and soiled crib. He put her in the shower as I sprawled across the bed for a few more minutes. What a doll he is.

Boy Hero #2:

I laid down to snooze with Avy during her nap.
She woke up.
I didn't know though b/c Uncle Austy snuck in and took her.
I continued sleeping.
I had an afternoon nap for nearly 3 hours!
He walked her to the post office.
He walked her to the park.
I woke up and quietly had a snack, the whole thing, with no interruptions.
I was able to make a quick stop in the restroom without fighting little hands to drop the toilet paper roll.
I posted some finds on dearsavvyshopper with the help of only my 2 hands and 2 eyes.
I then went to the gym while they had their fun afternoon.
How lovely.

So I say, let's hear it for the boys. Come on and give the boys a hand.

For more info on my sweet buns Tat, you can read a post dedicated to him by clicking on this pic:

In case you need more proof of why you need an Uncle Austy, you can read a post dedicated to him by clicking on this pic:

Love you, Boys!


whitethunder said...

It's not a bad exchange for watching you take bites of chili and of course you always cook for the rest of us too. I am easily bought by a roof and food if any do need an Uncle Austie. And I mean come on, Avy is the cutest thing ever so who wouldn't want to spend a day with her?

Matt and Jessie said...

That is super sweet! You are a lucky woman! I am sure Avy was lovin' the attention from the boys as well! Hopefully you got a better night of sleep last night and Avy is feeling better!

The Atwood's said...

Hey where can I get a Manny Nanny?? :) How bout you bring you, Avy, and your Manny Nanny down for a visit? Avy needs to play with her cousins. She just told me that.:)

Kevin and Kristina said...

I am VERY jealous!!... especially after my night last night

Jennikunz said...

Awh... that is cute, I do need an uncle Austy, so maybe He can come stay with me this summer... quit hogging him!!

LJ and DC said...

So cute Hayley! And ps. I love your banner pic. You are a lucky girl! :)

Julie said...

Isn't it the best feeling when you know your baby is in good hands and you get to take a well needed nap. That is so sweet to have a great hubby and to have a great uncle.

Tara said...

That's so fun to have Austin so close. Lucky duck. Sorry to hear about the Pirate Booty. What a bummer! I love that stuff.

Tammy said...

You are one lucky girl!

The Mostess said...

UGH. Hide that booty stat.

Uncle Puppet...I mean Austy is a champ!