Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ever wonder what celebrity status would be like?

Well I happen to know. And it's a rough life.

I had the paparazzi following me around for an afternoon and I could hardly take a step without being harassed.

Okay fine, here's the real story:

My sister and I were downtown one afternoon and I was gussied up in my sexy coat & boots. She said, "Wow, you look like a celebrity. I'm going to play paparazzi."

I was like, "No. I can't, well okay" (you know, like from Tommy Boy).

So she took a few shots of me marching around town. Sounds totally juvenile I do realize, but I'm not gonna lie, I felt super cool.

And there was a bystander who watched as if I was clearly a legit celeb. was glamour at its finest.

Don't be suprised if you see my mug slathered on the cover of Star or US Weekly.
Possible captions included:

"Stars, They're Just Like Us"
Hayley & A scurrying around for last minute Christmas errands.

Has she given up her contract with Versace? She was spotted around town in new Dolce & Gabana shades (not true, they're Ralph knock-offs from Ross).

Hayley attacks paparazzi with piercing words:
"I'm warning you! One more shot of my baby and my lawyer will be here in seconds flat."

Hayley's words:
"Fine, here's one to grace the centerfold of Star Sightings."

"That's it! We're done! The fact that you're in my passenger seat is a serious offense!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

here i go breaking promises

I know I promised to stop posting my Dear Savvy Shopper blog finds on this blog, BUT PEOPLE, YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO MY OTHER BLOG AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

Expires December 25...aka - hustle your bustle!

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Happy cheap dining!

And I now renew my vow to stop posting
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wink, wink.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

(to be said like they do on Friends) My Christmas-ey DAY OF FUN!

PWC (Tat's place of employment) has a big, fun party with LOTS of good food in a FUN & EXCITING venue giving me a good reason to get all DOLLED-UP every Christmas.

Did that happen this year? No. That blasted economy. The heart-filled company of PricewaterhouseCoopers decided to give the cost of my one night a year that I get to feel like a fancy princess and eat lots of delectable food for free ... to charity. How sweet of them.

However, Avy didn't miss out this year. They did provide the kiddies with a visit to Santa George (it kind of creeps me out that they call him that, but that's what all the emails referring to the event called him).

Here was the good time:

After Santa George's visit, we played at Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose. SO CUTE!!! If you have never been, GO! It's so Christmas-ey and will make your day jolly and bright.

Later that evening, I got in touch with my culturally artistic side and hit up the holiday favorite; The Nutcracker. Very lovely!

Here Fishy, Fishy.

Our delicious anniversary dinner up in the romantic City of San Fran:

The yummy guppy's tail:

The tasty morsel's face:

The rush-hour traffic we braved to get up there:

The beautiful Bay Bridge:

The beautiful, festive Union Square:

The scrumptious Ghirardelli Shake we shared so romantically with 2 straws:

The yummy German Pancake Breakfast made for the Mr..... made with Love:

The Happy Couple of 4 Fabulous-Heaven-filled Years:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My trek to Bethlehem...

...will have to wait another year. Boo-hoo.

So the Baptist church down the street does this AWESOME live display of the city of Bethlehem every Christmas. It's huge! They build up a real mini-city with buildings, characters, ornate costumes, Middle Eastern music & dancing, bead-making for the kids, wine making via children stomping grapes with their tootsies, live animals such as donkeys and camels, an acted out Nativity scene with a real baby...and so on.

(pics courtesty of the Bethlehem Exhibit)

We've lived down the street from this incredible display for nearly 4 years now, and every year Tat & I say, "this year we're going."

This was the year. We organized a large group of fellow Family Home Evening celebraters and planned on walking to "Bethlehem" and then returning to the Atwood manor for wintery libations & sugar.

Unfortunately I had to miss it...again. Little Avycakes had been runny nose-ish and fussy-pants all day, so she went to bed at 5pm.

Oh well, at least I got to enjoy some fine company after the party returned.

A few of those that made the trek to Bethlehem.

The goodness that awaited the travelers' return.

These cookies from TJ's were something new to the Atwood shopping cart. I highly recommend for hot cocoa parties...yum!

A wee-little trekker making multiple trips to the goodness table.

And of course no get-together would be complete without the men-folk pulling out the chess board; something I'll never understand.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

*Note to self*

Dear Hayley,

What were you thinking? Next time you try to make small talk to the stranger in the elevator, don't say something like this:

Moron Hayley: "WOW! Looks like you're gonna have a baby soon! What's the due date?" (thinking that based on the size & shape of her mid-section it was any day now)...

Very Pregnant Stranger: "Oh, I'm due the end of March."

Moron Hayley: "Uhhhhhhh..."

Your lame-brained self

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'M beginning to look a lot like SANTA

No, I'm not going gray or growing a beard. But I do love holiday treats. Have you ever seen that show "I Eat 30,000 Calories A Day" on TLC? That's about how I feel this past weekend.

Our friends the Kearls threw an Ugly Sweater/Gingerbread House Party on Saturday. LOTS of yummy goodness, I repeat, LOTS of yummy goodness.

No ugly sweater is complete without nasty cargos, reindeer antlers, and a gnarly bow on top o' thee head.

No hostess has worn slick pants like these since the 80's. Way to pull it off, Linds!

Me working on that "I'm beginning to look a lot like Santa" piece.

Good friends Pat & Lindsay modeling their Festive Sweaters...which Lindsay totally made!

And then on Sunday my friend Kaari hosted her annual Cookie Swap Contest. Did I win? NOOOOOO. Am I bitter? NOOOOOOO... just very competitive and jealous, but not bitter. Bring it next year ladies, bring it.

Pumpkin cookies, made by yours truly, which for whatever reason did not win. But again, I'm not bitter. Very, very happy for the winners. See my smiley face :)

Yet again, do you see why I'm Beginning to Look a lot Like Santa?

And then earlier this week, Avy hosted her very first Holly Jolly Christmas Party at her Gingerbread House (meaning her home) for 21 of her toddler friends. Yes, lots of bitties running around, but SO MUCH FUN! Where else in the world can you have a Holly Jolly Christmas Party...... in the middle of December...... in the backyard...... without winter coats or earmuffs.....and get a bit warm? Sunny California, of course. Thanks for coming little toddling friends!!! And thanks for making an appearance Manny Clause, oops, I mean Santa Clause.

Gingerbread House toppings...toddler appropriate, of course.

Avy decorating her house with goldfish & Froot Loops (which by the way she had for the first time and LOVED a bit too much).

PS- The frosting recipe for these gb-houses is like concrete. Let me know if you need a super-great recipe to make your holiday habitat. Thanks for passing it on Lindsay Y!

Looks like this lil guy is joining my 30,000 calories a day club too.

Thanks for a fun week of food & parties everyone!
Pics from all parties can be seen on our

(let me know if you need the password)