Thursday, July 12, 2012


And no, I'm not talking about JB.
However, it wouldn't be completely out of character for me to gush about young love McBeebs.

But I digress.
Back to the topic at hand.
Among the list of things I've promised to never do:
become vegetarian
color my hair
admit defeat at Kaari's Annual Cookie Competition
move to Utah

I'm a liar.  A big fat liar.
I still am smoke-free, have natural hair, eat my in-n-out almost daily, and I won first place at the Cookie Competition last year.

But really, never in a MILLION years did I ever think it would happen. goes nothing....
we're moving to Utah.

Good question.
But what it really comes down to is this:
The Sunnyvale plastic bag ban has me in dithers.

I can't for the life of me get 3 tiny people, my cart, my wallet, and myself into the store in an orderly fashion, let alone bring my collection of reusable bags.
Why, California?

But I guess there are a few other minor reasons.
Like the fact that an incredible job offer fell into Tyler's lap
(which is saying a lot because he really enjoys his current job here).
The fact that we will be much closer to our families
(Hallelujah!!! We will be in the same town (Price) as Tyler's parents, we both have siblings in Utah, the kids will have cousins within an hour's drive, and my parents live about a 5 hour drive away).
And quite honestly, I'm looking forward to a slower-paced life for a bit.
I'm constantly torn between loving the chaos, excitement, hub of all the life and awesomeness in the Bay Area, and the nostalgic fantasy of a quieter, less stressful, slower-paced life.
So, I'm excited for this new adventure.
I'm excited for this new adventure.
I'm excited for this new adventure.
Did I say I'm excited for this new adventure?
I have to keep reminding myself.
Just kidding.
I really am looking forward to this new opportunity for our family.
It will be different, but we're looking forward to trying something new.

And don't be too sad about our absence.
I have high hopes we'll return to this part of the western United States in a few years.

Just as soon as Sacramento realizes the bag ban is doing nothing but driving away its finest citizens.