Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cutest little mole I've ever seen

Remember way back in January when the Dr. at Urgent Care told me I had a molar pregnancy & would have a d&c later in the week???
Well thank HEAVENS we have a real doctor that clarified...
no mole, real baby.

Here she be:
Ashby Atwood
She's perfect. 

The name:
So we were planning on the name Harper.
But in my mind, Harper was identical to Avy.
She had awesome red hair.
So when she was born, & didn't look anything like we imagined Harper would look like, she stumped the chump.
We were without name.
We were staring at a beautiful blondie who needed the perfect name.
We had orginally liked Ashby too.
So we toyed back & forth between the 2 names & several others for the whole hopsital stay, & then finally agreed upon Ashby.
It fits.

The stats:
September 23, 2011
(yes, Avy's birthday too)
8:53 pm
7lbs 6oz
20.5 inches

The delivery:
I woke up Friday morning with some contractions, hoping & praying this was it...
I had contractions off & on all day, & then they started to get more regular & painful towards the afternoon.
We decided we should get moving to the hospital, but had to celebrate a certain little someone's 4th birthday before we took off.

Even 6 minute apart contractions won't stop me from downing me some cake & ice-cream.
I'm a die hard.
We got to the hospital around 3pm & got all checked out.
I was only a 3.  Hmmph.
They said, well, you can go home & labor, or since we have you all hooked up & here in a bed, do you just want to get things moving along & have that baby?

I had an induction scheduled for the next day.
I was trying to avoid the girlies sharing the same birthday, but realized that this baby would likely be coming on the 23rd whether I went home & sat in pain & anticipation, or whether I labored in the hospital with the comfort of my friend the epidural.

So I got the epidural & pitocin at 5pm.
Felt the need to push about 3.5 hours later, got permission from nurse & dr,
pushed through 2 contractions and out came Ashby.
I hope to not curse myself for any possible births in the future, but really,
this one was easy breezy.
Less than 10 minutes of pushing...I'll take it.
In fact, the Dr. said,
"They shouldn't even pay me for doing this. This one's too easy."
You know Tyler took note of that.

The reds:
In love.
They can't get enough.
Linc is constantly asking, "Where's Baby?" in his own verbage, of course.
And everytime he sees her, he says, "My Baby!"
Exactly what I predicted...very protective of "my baby!"

Avy is so helpful & just adores Ashby.
She can't get enough snuggling & is already
 trying to teach her the fine art of patty-cake.

They couldn't be more sweet.

The dad:
No shenanigans this time.
Really, none at all.
With Avy's labor, he slept through the majority of it.
Poor guy just couldn't please me when I needed him to rub my hand.
With Linc's labor, he went out to get himself some dinner & stopped by the car dealership before heading back to the hospital.
And, also with Linc, if my memory serves me correctly,
I asked him at one point to go get the nurse, & he pretended to go do it bc he didn't really think I was ready to push.
But it's all good.  I know he meant well.
Ashby...he was fully present, both physically & mentally.
He rubbed my hands at the perfect pressure when I got the shakes.
He was very attentive when I asked for water.
He retrieved our nurse at the moment I asked.
He wins the Labor & Delivery Husband of the Year award.
Thanks, Tyler!

A few more random pics:

So there you have it.
Ashby is a bundle of love & we are soaking up every moment of her.
Thanks for all the well wishes & congratulations you've all given us! 

We feel very loved & blessed.

Oh wait!
Hold the phone!
I almost forgot to mention one of the most AWESOME parts about the past few days.
Let the picture speak for itself:
That's right, folks.
I somehow scored not 1, not 2, but 3
of the coveted hospital water bottles.
I got one a few days before from the false water breaking alarm
(see previous post)
And then after Ashby was born I dropped mine on the floor at the hospital so the nurse told me to throw it away and she would get me a new one.
Heck no.
She got me a new one, but you better bet your bottom dollar we kept the fallen one as well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heading to the Hospital!!!

YAY!!! The moment I've been waiting for 
since, well, all year.

Although I think it's labor time & all I want to do is get to the hospital,
Tat suggested we hang out for a few minutes for one last photo session.
Last family picture of just the 4 of us:
(Avy is mad she has to be in the pic bc she wants to be playing with Blakely)

Last big belly picture before the belly is just jelly with no baby in it:

But wait...FALSE ALARM.

So it was a super, super hot day in our house yesterday.
So hot that one may or may not sweat excessively enough to be tricked into thinking their water broke.

Here's the story:
I took a nice long nap with the kids.
I woke up feeling like my temperature was about 150 degrees.
I went to the bathroom.
After I pulled my clothes back on, I noticed that my pants were soaking wet.
Like SOAKING wet.
I thought, hmmmm...maybe, since I'm due to have a baby in 4 days, I should call the Dr. to see if this could be it.
So I left a message & explained my situation.
I was quickly called back by the nurse & told that yes, in fact it does sound like my water broke & I should head to labor & delivery right away.

I called Tat.

He answered & said,
"Are you in labor?"
I said, 
"Well, I think my water may have just broke."
He immediately announces to EVERYONE he's in the meeting with,
"Hayley's water broke! I gotta go!"
I hear cheering & excitement in the background.
I said, "Hon, it may have, I don't know, don't get too excited. 
 Just come home & take me to the hospital."

Meanwhile, Kaari & Blakely come to save the day to sit with the reds & then Whit Whit showed up later to take over.

So we go to the hospital.
Get admitted.
They check me out, do a swab test to check for amniotic fluid,
& then report that my water has not broken yet.
They sent us home.
You can only imagine at this point I've got both fists aimed up in the air screaming

There were several silver linings to the night:
1- I got a coveted water bottle from the hospital, which means I'll get even ANOTHER one in a few days!

2- Since Whit was with the tots, we went to Xahn. 
Holy smokes.  
I can NOT get over how delicious that joint is.
Tyler & I pretty much embarrassingly licked our plates clean.

3- We went to Pinkberry.
I got the pb & chocolate swirl.  YUM.

4- We came home to sleeping kids & a clean house.
(Thanks, Whitters! Your birthday post is coming next)

Ah, the lengths I won't go to in order to get some pampering. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

T-TOT Post

Tyler informed me that at work they hold
T-TOT meetings, which stand for 
this, that & the other.
I love that phrase, but can only imagine how painfully & ridiculously boring they must be.

So from now on, when I have no witty title & just a bunch of Atwood biz to document,
it'll be considered a T-TOT post.

So here's a bit of this, that, & the other of the past week.
First & foremost, I had a great Dr's appt yesterday.
I've been having quite a few lil contractions at night time the past week, & she said the babe has dropped a bit, so she really could come any time!
However, I'm doubtful. 
The fact that I've never been early or even on time with the reds leads me to believe we still have a long, hearty 2 weeks ahead of us.
 I figure if I announce the possibility, red #3 will feel social pressure & show her beautiful mug soon.

In other news about myself,
I was scared out of my pregnant pants last night when I heard a mass crowd of screaming ladies in my front yard.
I asked Tat, "Are the young women here for something????"
I went out to check & there were a few Bieber crazed friends singing & dancing to a little
"Baby, Baby, Baby, OH!!!"
(my favorite song)
on my grass.
They had Bieber signs & paraphernalia, including the singing toothbrush, & were congratulating me on the upcoming arrival of my baby, baby, baby, oh.

A close-up of my Bieber toothbrush, just in case you want one too:
They let me fancy up a bit & took me to dinner at XAHN...the most yummiest joint in the Bay Area as far as I'm concerned.

The majority of the table ordered the Bun Thit Nuong dish.
Gotta love the name, but gotta love the flae-va-flave even more.
Thanks ladies!  You're sure a fun bunch of trickers!

Lumber Jack Joe has turned his latest youtube infatuation into reality.
He has pruned & skinnied up our backyard trees to the bare bones.
And it looks so much better!
Since he had piles of wood & burning piles of wood in your backyard isn't allowed in the city limits, he has taken to the idea of a wood chipper.
He bought one.
He's been chipping wood & spreading mulch all over our dirt patches.  

It's lookin goood!
& these tots have been loving all the quality time in the backyard with Dad as of late:

Avy started school this week.

Blech to starting school.
I already miss our lazy summer days of Curious George in the morning, sunny California adventures & play in the afternoon, & unlimited ice cream in the late nights.
 Back to life...back to reality.
She's loving her class though & has a pluthera of friends in there.

So I guess we will stick with the idea of educating our children.

She has also been so well behaved lately.
Hope I'm not cursing her phenomenal behavior by stating that publicly, but she has really been a sweetheart as of late.
She shares with Linc.
Says the sweetest things.
Wakes up so happy.
Always asks what she can do to help me.
It's beautiful.
A few weeks ago, Linc was being a pill & she said to me,
"Mom, I love you.  Is it so hard to be the mom of 2 cute kids like us?  Do we make you exhausted?"
She's a funny one.
And Linc colored a picture the other day & was so excited to show her.
She told him all excitedly,
"Wow, Gus! This is so great! You are the best little artist!"
Ahhh...nothing more refreshing than 2 red-heads making nice with one another.

She has also been quite the photographer.
Check it out:
Nice work, eh?

Linc has been eating me out of house & home!
All of a sudden this kid is sprouting.
Well, what with his 3 hour naps all week & his 2,000 calorie daily diet, he should be sprouting!
At his 18 month appt, his dr was a little concerned that he was plateauing in his growth curve, so she asked me to bring him back at the end of summer for a quick growth check.
In 3 months he had grown 2 inches & gained 3 pounds. 
(pic also taken by Avy the budding photographer)
You go homeboy!

Well that's about it for our first T-TOT meeting.
You now know how incredibly boring these future posts will be unless you are my spouse, my kids' grandparents, or a Justin Bieber fan.
Meeting dismissed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

rAh..RaH..sis boom bah!

I don't scrapbook.
My cooking is average.
I play no musical instrument.
I don't turn old sidewalk furniture into vintage-y, fabulous decor.
But I'm down wit dat, because really, where I shine is throwing my kids a mean party.
I'll toot my own horn on that one loud & proud.
And let's be honest, what's more important than teaching my kids that life is all about the party?
Avy's Cheerleading Party has come & gone.
It was squad-tastic!

Here are all the deets.
The invites:

The adorable cheer uniform my mom made for Avy:
Could it be any cuter?
Could she be any cuter?

The decor:

I love my popcorn tub from the $ store.

The activities:
pom-pom making

sports bounce house slide

obstacle course
balance across the hose
flexibility through the tunnel
agility up the ladder in the bounce house & down the slide at the end

Some of the guests:

The entertainment:
I dread the day my party-throwing committee won't give into my ridiculous demands anymore.
They were phenomenal!
They danced.
Did cheers.
Taught cheers.
Stunted the party girl.
Led the tots in a rousing rendition of pass the pom-pom.
Congratulated the squad hopefuls on their making the squad at the end of the obstacle course with bracelets & tattoos.
They are the dream team.

The cake:

I know. It's fabulous.
My life-saving friend Kim offered to make it & did an outstanding job.
This is white chocolate that she colored & painted...all edible!

The cupcakes:
Again, another life-saving friend Andrea offered to make them for the party.
Pink raw sugar atop homemade frosting & white cupcakes.
Beautiful & YUM!

And I have to also mention the other life-savers who made loads & loads of rice krispie treats for the party:
Erin, Alie, Kaari, & Lindsay
 The less I had to stand up & bake for this gathering the better.
You all have no idea how much this helped me out.

The pinata:

Yes, it's homemade.
What a fun project!
I highly recommend making your own!
It cost me a whole $1, if that, & was so fun & easy.
Sister Brooklyn gave me the genius idea & got me started.
Here's how to do it if you're interested:
-mix 1 cup flour w 2 cups water
-drench strips of newspaper then squeeze off excess paste
-completely cover balloon with mache & do a few layers for firmness
(leave a bare circle big enough to fit candy inside)
-let completely dry for a couple days
-pop balloon 
 -we put b-day hats on to make it a star shape
-cover with crepe paper & decorate

-oh yeah, & hire this pinata engineer to rig a handle.

A few extra post-worthy pics from the par-tay:
tots spying on the cheer squad before their grand entrance
the lovely Jacobs ladies
(love this picture!)
the pinata gents
some cheer babes

Gus-gus scouting out the cheer babes from afar
he must have found the cheer babes
after-party bounce house fun
birthday girlies posing for a pic
exhausted, finally clean, & glued to curious george after a long day of partying
And my ALL-TIME FAVORITE memory from the cheerleading party...
drum roll please...
wow. about all i can say. wow.
He said to me later,
"I was surprised at how easy it was to do that jump!"
And you did it so gracefully, dear.  We were all so impressed.

So that was the party.
& yes, it was held 3 weeks before the real birthday of Ms. Avy, 
but, as Tat kindly reminds me,
the ol' gray mare...you know the rest.
I figured if we were going to have a bash, it needed to be while I could still stand up & semi-bend.
So we held it on my birthday. 

That's right, now let's make it all about me.
29, folks!
One more year until I throw myself my own monster party.
What a great day I had.
Surrounded by friends & family.
Tat & I went out for some Greek food for dinner.
Whit-Whit made me a cake.
  Tatty surprised me with a new laptop!
I got a couple pedicure certificates which are a rounded,
 pregnant gal's best friend.
& last, but not least, I woke up to this freshly made paper flower bouquet & a swoon-worthy love letter from my guy.
He may seem cave-man like at times, but overall, he's a romeo & youtube how-to junkie at heart.

Thanks to everyone who made Avy's party & my birthday so special!