Saturday, September 10, 2011

T-TOT Post

Tyler informed me that at work they hold
T-TOT meetings, which stand for 
this, that & the other.
I love that phrase, but can only imagine how painfully & ridiculously boring they must be.

So from now on, when I have no witty title & just a bunch of Atwood biz to document,
it'll be considered a T-TOT post.

So here's a bit of this, that, & the other of the past week.
First & foremost, I had a great Dr's appt yesterday.
I've been having quite a few lil contractions at night time the past week, & she said the babe has dropped a bit, so she really could come any time!
However, I'm doubtful. 
The fact that I've never been early or even on time with the reds leads me to believe we still have a long, hearty 2 weeks ahead of us.
 I figure if I announce the possibility, red #3 will feel social pressure & show her beautiful mug soon.

In other news about myself,
I was scared out of my pregnant pants last night when I heard a mass crowd of screaming ladies in my front yard.
I asked Tat, "Are the young women here for something????"
I went out to check & there were a few Bieber crazed friends singing & dancing to a little
"Baby, Baby, Baby, OH!!!"
(my favorite song)
on my grass.
They had Bieber signs & paraphernalia, including the singing toothbrush, & were congratulating me on the upcoming arrival of my baby, baby, baby, oh.

A close-up of my Bieber toothbrush, just in case you want one too:
They let me fancy up a bit & took me to dinner at XAHN...the most yummiest joint in the Bay Area as far as I'm concerned.

The majority of the table ordered the Bun Thit Nuong dish.
Gotta love the name, but gotta love the flae-va-flave even more.
Thanks ladies!  You're sure a fun bunch of trickers!

Lumber Jack Joe has turned his latest youtube infatuation into reality.
He has pruned & skinnied up our backyard trees to the bare bones.
And it looks so much better!
Since he had piles of wood & burning piles of wood in your backyard isn't allowed in the city limits, he has taken to the idea of a wood chipper.
He bought one.
He's been chipping wood & spreading mulch all over our dirt patches.  

It's lookin goood!
& these tots have been loving all the quality time in the backyard with Dad as of late:

Avy started school this week.

Blech to starting school.
I already miss our lazy summer days of Curious George in the morning, sunny California adventures & play in the afternoon, & unlimited ice cream in the late nights.
 Back to life...back to reality.
She's loving her class though & has a pluthera of friends in there.

So I guess we will stick with the idea of educating our children.

She has also been so well behaved lately.
Hope I'm not cursing her phenomenal behavior by stating that publicly, but she has really been a sweetheart as of late.
She shares with Linc.
Says the sweetest things.
Wakes up so happy.
Always asks what she can do to help me.
It's beautiful.
A few weeks ago, Linc was being a pill & she said to me,
"Mom, I love you.  Is it so hard to be the mom of 2 cute kids like us?  Do we make you exhausted?"
She's a funny one.
And Linc colored a picture the other day & was so excited to show her.
She told him all excitedly,
"Wow, Gus! This is so great! You are the best little artist!"
Ahhh...nothing more refreshing than 2 red-heads making nice with one another.

She has also been quite the photographer.
Check it out:
Nice work, eh?

Linc has been eating me out of house & home!
All of a sudden this kid is sprouting.
Well, what with his 3 hour naps all week & his 2,000 calorie daily diet, he should be sprouting!
At his 18 month appt, his dr was a little concerned that he was plateauing in his growth curve, so she asked me to bring him back at the end of summer for a quick growth check.
In 3 months he had grown 2 inches & gained 3 pounds. 
(pic also taken by Avy the budding photographer)
You go homeboy!

Well that's about it for our first T-TOT meeting.
You now know how incredibly boring these future posts will be unless you are my spouse, my kids' grandparents, or a Justin Bieber fan.
Meeting dismissed.


Matt and Jessie said...

I am so excited for you guys! Sounds like a lot of happenings while you are awaiting baby #3! I hope that all goes well and that you don't go too far over the good ol' due date. Glad that Avy is such a sweetie. I am sure she will be your big helper with this new little one. Good luck with everything and I hope that everything goes smoothly!

Heather said...

So glad you got to go out to celebrate #3! Although I will admit to getting a little teary wishing I was there to help ring in the newest red (my money is on red this time, after failing with predicting Linc) And look at Linc go! Love that he just shot up and packed on the pounds, also loving the 3 hour naps he was giving out. And Miss Avy looks so grown up, she is just a doll and I am so glad she enjoyed her first day. Hope the littlest lady decides to make her debut soon!

Lindsey said...

I'm with heather! This post made me sooo home sick! And tears were present. I miss all you girls. I miss your backyard and enjoying it with festivities. I miss little avy and laurelwood preschool. Miss you all.
I can't wait to meet your new gal in October! Good luck lady!

Lindsay said...

I think you should call them T-TAT meetings!