Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heading to the Hospital!!!

YAY!!! The moment I've been waiting for 
since, well, all year.

Although I think it's labor time & all I want to do is get to the hospital,
Tat suggested we hang out for a few minutes for one last photo session.
Last family picture of just the 4 of us:
(Avy is mad she has to be in the pic bc she wants to be playing with Blakely)

Last big belly picture before the belly is just jelly with no baby in it:

But wait...FALSE ALARM.

So it was a super, super hot day in our house yesterday.
So hot that one may or may not sweat excessively enough to be tricked into thinking their water broke.

Here's the story:
I took a nice long nap with the kids.
I woke up feeling like my temperature was about 150 degrees.
I went to the bathroom.
After I pulled my clothes back on, I noticed that my pants were soaking wet.
Like SOAKING wet.
I thought, hmmmm...maybe, since I'm due to have a baby in 4 days, I should call the Dr. to see if this could be it.
So I left a message & explained my situation.
I was quickly called back by the nurse & told that yes, in fact it does sound like my water broke & I should head to labor & delivery right away.

I called Tat.

He answered & said,
"Are you in labor?"
I said, 
"Well, I think my water may have just broke."
He immediately announces to EVERYONE he's in the meeting with,
"Hayley's water broke! I gotta go!"
I hear cheering & excitement in the background.
I said, "Hon, it may have, I don't know, don't get too excited. 
 Just come home & take me to the hospital."

Meanwhile, Kaari & Blakely come to save the day to sit with the reds & then Whit Whit showed up later to take over.

So we go to the hospital.
Get admitted.
They check me out, do a swab test to check for amniotic fluid,
& then report that my water has not broken yet.
They sent us home.
You can only imagine at this point I've got both fists aimed up in the air screaming

There were several silver linings to the night:
1- I got a coveted water bottle from the hospital, which means I'll get even ANOTHER one in a few days!

2- Since Whit was with the tots, we went to Xahn. 
Holy smokes.  
I can NOT get over how delicious that joint is.
Tyler & I pretty much embarrassingly licked our plates clean.

3- We went to Pinkberry.
I got the pb & chocolate swirl.  YUM.

4- We came home to sleeping kids & a clean house.
(Thanks, Whitters! Your birthday post is coming next)

Ah, the lengths I won't go to in order to get some pampering. 


Jen said...

You rock Hayley!! Way to get a night out before the baby comes!!!!

Heather said...

How are you so darn tiny! I look at least that size and have 10 weeks left (also for some reason it appears that the baby resides in my upper arms) but my point is you look darling! And bummer that there is no baby yet:( I did the same thing, although not sweat, I think you just get delusional when you are SO ready to have that baby OUT! I am glad you got some tasty food and a date night out of it though, hoping this baby comes today though! and actually do think the water bottle swung the experience over into the "worth it" area:)

Carlie said...

Bummer that little red #3 didn't decide to show up, but at least you made a night of it!! Hope you go into labor like, right now. And, i hope it cools down in your house enough to make you NOT think your water broke. :)

The Mostess said...

This would have been more believable if you hadn't shown up for music class this morning.

Next time you need a night out on the town, just ask. No need to fake a baby....lady who cried wolf!

Ashley said...

This is hilarious! I got so excited at first, but I was wondering why you had changed since music class. . . . but I have to say it is all so worth it that you got to go to Xanh. Let's both fake a labor tonight and go again!

Lindsey said...

Nuts! No baby. I, too got really excited, but I was wondering who on earth sits down to blog when they are in labor enough to go to the hospital.
You do look fantastic though.
Lastly, I feel like I don't even know California anymore! What is this xahn you all speak of?? Do you all need another excuse to go? How about October 21st-ish?? Anyone?
Good luck, hay! Hope it happens now that you have had a nice relaxing day and have a full tummy :)
ps. Totally jealous of the water bottle. I'd pay good money for that!

Matt and Jessie said...

You look so cute! I love your pictures! I am glad you have such a great attitude! I would have been a bawling disaster. Good luck with everything and I have been thinking about you!

Tennille Butler Thompson said...

My fingers are crossed that this little one will come sooner than later. Good luck!!

Tyler Kearl said...

So basically you wet your pants....you wet your paaants you wet your paaants...he he he. I'll bet Tyler loved explaining that one at work the next day...

Hayley said...

TK...i DID NOT wet my pants. tyler seems to think that's what happened too, & he told all his work buddies that it was "excessive moisture down there, but not amniotic fluid."
Why? WHY? couldn't he have just said i sweated tremendously?!?!? bc honestly, that's what happened.

Ashley said...

As much as I would like to believe the wet your pants version of this story, I have seen too much in the universe as of late that makes the sweating story very plausible. Please do post again when you are on your way into the hopsital--I want to know when it's happening for real!