Saturday, July 30, 2011

Atwood Summer Guide

I know, I know...I disappeared again.
  A quick re-cap of how the summer started:
Tat had bronchitis for 2 weeks ~ yuck
I backed my new beast machine into a pole ~ wah
Linc was sick as a dog for almost 2 weeks ~ boo
He had a high fever for several days, odd rash that looked like cheerios or bulls-eye targets, 3 rounds of lab work, 1 trip to the ER, several trips to Dr. K, 2 tests for diabetes,
1 trip to the pediatric cardiologist, an ekg, chest x-ray, heart ultrasound, and I think that's it
~mega, mega, boo-hoo...but no worries, he's fine.
Turned out to be some nasty bacterial or viral something rather that passed after antibiotics & much prayer.
I got rear-ended in beast machine ~ grrrr

And I think that concludes my list of summer grievances.

Finally, let's get this party started!!!

Here's the Atwood Guide to Mega Summer Fun.
& I mean major guide.
With lots of pictures.

Here goes:
Get as dirty as possible

Eat as much ice-cream as your pint-sized body can handle

Play as hard as you can until you can't keep your eyes open anymore

Have lots of backyard bbq's & corntoss matches

Play with as many germ-infested animals as available

Visit candy shops all along the West Coast

Visit farms & farm stands all along the West Coast

& then use those hearty pioneer-stock skills to turn farm fresh produce into delicious jam & smoothies

Compete with some buddies against the young bucks
in the National Cornhole (Corntoss, as I prefer) Day tourney in SF
(stole your pic KG, thanks)

                                                     Log many hours in the car on road trips
(Idaho, Pismo Beach, Oregon Coast)

Hit up every amusement park in a 50 mile radius

Swim, swim, and swim some more

Visit cool places

Do lots of camping 
(pretty sure the Tatwoods (mostly the reds & Tat himself)
have spent more nights in the tent than in beds this summer)
where's waldo?

Hit the beach whenev possible

Play with family & friends from near & far

Wreak havoc in stores when weather is either raining or too hot

Rock your body, yeah...(very pregnant body, that is) at the NKOTBSB concert

(stole some pics KJ, thanks)

Hike lots

Snuggle close to the summer hotties

And let us not forget on our to-do list this summer...grow a human.
32 weeks down, 8 more to go.
(if you're into seeing large preggo shots,
 I'll update this post once I shower & look presentable
with a picture of the growing babe)

Hooray for summa, summa, summa time.