Monday, October 31, 2011

Peace out, Halloween!

We had a good run this month, my dear friend Halloween.
Lots of food.
Lots of friends.
Lots of festivities.
Here goes the documentation.
Is 53 pictures too many?
Let's do this thing.
Thursday brought The Annual Toddler Halloween Bash:
making a spider web out of yarn
spider in said web
dancing like a witch
not wearing his costume, & not participating in organized games,
but running out the side door,
around the backyard,
through the back door,
  back in the house...over and over again. 
making monster art
 decorating spooky cookies

Friday rang in The Annual Codexis work Halloween Party:

Pumpkin carving contest between different departments

eating treats & gathering goody bags 

 posing for the camera
 awesome balloon making
(hello kitty)
(penguin & plain old balloon)
 oompa loompa making cotton candy
 running through the halls all hopped up on sugar

after the par-tay, we headed to Palo Alto for some shopping & food

Saturday was celebrated with a friend's birthday party
& The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest / Grudge Match

princess b-day party...avy was in heaven

Pumpkin Carving / Grudge Match
but let's start with how beautiful Kaari's & my hair looks in this pic
Tat working on our punky.
We had to carve a pumpkin that looked flummoxed.
We just carved the word over & over.
He did a great job.

Then came the annual arm wrestle.
My husband completely annihilated the competition.
  Hmmm...Dave, you look a little flummoxed as to
how incredibly strong Tyler is.
 But no worries Dashby, your wife kicked my trash
even after I tried the age-ol cheat trick of bending my wrist.
She's one tough cookie...even weeks right after giving birth!

Sunday brought on some GOOOOOOOOD grubbage.

But before we went to dinner, Tat & Aves did some pumpkin carving:

Then came the GOOOOOOOOD grubbage.
My friend Alie had the awesome idea to have a
Halloween dinner, where EVERYTHING had to be Halloween-ish.

I made these cuties.
Fruit salad jack-o-lanterns
Apple & almond zombie mouths

 Beans & hotdog worms in dirt (with chips) 
 candy corn pizza
(this is how it was supposed to look,
but mine didn't turn out quite as candy corn like as these)
Alie made mashed potato ghosts
 Eyeball salad
 Bones (scrumptious chicken)
 Ghost milkshakes
Candace made this awesome
Snake Sandwich. 
 Mac & Cheese brains

What a delicious way to celebrate Halloween!!!

And now on to Monday.
Started bright & early with the Preschool Parade

Moved into the afternoon with some yummy cupcake decorating & delivering.
oh yes, and eating

I later came into the kitchen & found Linc laying on the floor
LICKING all the sprinkles up.

Then came evening

We headed over to a friend's house for some
dinner & then trick-or-treating with friends
 Linc the Spider...finally
You'll notice this is Linc's first time in costume.
All week long, he would have nothing to do with his spider get-up.
 Avy the Rex Dinosaur
She thought it appropriate to be a witch at school because
she could move around easily in a witch costume,
and then Rex at night so it would keep her warm.
 Ashby the Caterpillar
The bigger kids were several houses ahead of the toddlers...
 ...because the toddlers had to stop after every house to check out the loot,
& in Linc's case, take a bite of every piece of loot

After fun with friends, we went home to hit up our own hood.
Austy came over & manned our house while we went out.
Linc ditched the costume (surprise, surprise),
& Avy went back to witchery.
Rex was way too cumbersome.
Whit Whit & Valentino came over to party with us too.
Or shall I say, Sandy & Danny.
Ashby wanted to be like the bigs, so she cocooned her way
out of her caterpillar costume & transformed into a mummy. 

And the best part about Halloween?
It was in the 80's all day & 70's at night.

Oh yeah, & I'm about to go steal all the candy out of my kids buckets while they're asleep because, well, it'll just rot their teeth.

Hasta la vista, Halloween!!!