Friday, October 14, 2011

It's October?!?!

What I failed to blog about in September:

Miss Thang started dance again.
This time, however, it's real dance, as she has let me know.
She wanted to take a tougher class that has costumes & a recital, so we found one in San Jose.
It's cute.

Linc has been being a whole lot of Linc.
He's a boy.
A boy who's sandwiched between 2 sisters
& all the girlfriends that come along with that.
He looks like one of the Village People.
Oh, but see, he IS trying to maintain his manhood.
He has a bat.

Ashby met the man she can't marry.
His last name is Ashby.
But what's name changing when you're in love?
Check it out, their left hands & arms are in the same exact position.
I think it's meant to be.

Whit-Whit's Surprise birthday party:
Her boyfriend & his family threw her a Wild West party.

Her roomie made these DELICIOUS cupcakes.
& I mean scrumptious.
& they were adorable.
All different flavors.
Snickerdoodle was my fave.
I may have eaten several.
Can you tell I loved them? 

Gus-Gus didn't want to wear Western gear.
But opted for his hot necklace & fire hat instead.

 The CA fam.
Minus Austy who was traveling.
& don't confuse the lady on the left with a mammoth.
It's me.
I gave birth days later.
Cut me some slack.

Beautiful Birdie ladies, yes?
 So fun!

The next night, her real birthday day, we had her over for dinner & cake.

Chef Aves opted to go the pudding cake route.
Good choice.

While we sat & chatted for a while after cake, this little sneak helped himself to the leftovers up at the counter.
And again with the necklace??? 
Happy 21st Whit!
We love you.

Lunch with my friend Crystal:
You know my friend Crystal.
She's the one who has given me several shots at television fame.
But she unfortunately quit her job with abc studios, so there goes my star-studded career.
But that's okay.  I hear Bravo may be making a Real Housewives of Silicon Valley.
But I digress.
Lunch with Crystal.
It's tradition to meet up for lunch days before I pop out a bebe.
She's a doll. I always love catching up with her.

After lunch, we swung by Dad's work since it was on the way home.
Who doesn't love a little snuggle & swipe from the candy jar after lunch?

Avy's birthday.
I already covered all the highlights, like the party a few weeks earlier, & the small detail of baby being born on her birthday, but here are a couple more pics from present opening:
 This is her face when she realized she did in fact get her "Louie Dolphin Pillow Pet" she's been begging for since July.
Her cousin Dane has one, named Louie, that Avy fell in love with when we went to Oregon with them this summer.
She has asked for one almost every day since.
Happy Birthday, Aves...
again & again.

Big Red's first pedicure:
For mine & Avy's birthdays, our friends Alie & Maddie took us out for some tootsie pampering.
It was lovely.
But the highlight was watching these 2 cuties have such a fun experience:

It was a fun one, September.
Onward & upward to October.


Matt and Jessie said...

So fun! You are wonder woman! That close to giving birth, the only pictures I take are those I can get while beached whaling it on the couch! It appears that you never got to the large stage! Life isn't fair, but I still love ya! Hope little Ashby is letting you get some rest!!

Stephanie said...

They really need a "Mormon Housewives of Silicon Valley." I'm sure we'd be a hit.

Ashley said...

Can't decide which is cuter: Those western cupcakes or Linc in the skirt and firehat!