Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Wreathy Wonderland

In case you hadn't heard, I like me a good competition.
2 of my Cali gals have engaged in a "friendly" porch display competition for the past couple years.
I don't really care about the blog button.
It's all about pride & gloating.
And since I'm not present this year to renew my reigning title of
"Miss 2013 Cookie Competition Champ",
I thought I'd get in on the porch action this year.
Yes, I may be a couple days shy of the entry date, but I don't have the luxury of Michaels, JoAnn, or Target within a 100 mile radius.
But no fear, all in the name of victory, I braved the horrendous wintery storms, trudged through the treacherous canyon, endured frostbite, and trekked to Salt Lake City.
All with 3 children in tow while walking up hill both ways.
Okay maybe it wasn't snowing. And I didn't walk farther than from my car door to the entry door of Hobby Lobby. And I may have had my super helpful mother-in-law with me helping wrangle kids.
But by golly I did travel.
And here is the result.
I give you:
"A Wreathy Wonderland"
The far away view

The closer view

 Note the ornaments.
So cute, right?

And my North Pole sign is my PDR, if you will.
Really brings it all home, don't you think?

And the lit up night view.
Here are the other 2 entries:
Both adorable and classy.
Cast you vote either on my comments or facebook!
I'd love to walk you through each piece and offer more witty, entertaining commentary, but by golly I gots me some candy cane hot chocoate boiling on the stove.
I gots to Ho Ho Go!