Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh no she di-int!

We all love a good Tat story.

Here you have it:

We love Rancho San Antonio. 
We hike here with the miglets often.

As usual, Saturdays are horrendous for parking, but you just wait your turn in line & it's all good.
Yesterday was no different.
We waited in a line of 4 cars for about 10 minutes.
2 of the cars in front of us bailed.
There was only 1 car in front of us.
We wait another few minutes.
A car starts to pull out!
Hot Dog!
(& the car in front of us was a sweet family with a special needs boy who they were loading up in his wheelchair & getting all ready as they were waiting.)

As the leaving car starts to back out, a crazy lady zooms in the wrong way of the ONE WAY parking lot & waits for the spot.
Say it with me,
"Oh no, she di-int!"
Yes, she did.
In true Tat, man of justice, fashion, he bolts out of the car.
He approaches her very calmly & says something to this effect,
"Sorry, Maam.  But 2 things...
1, you're coming in the opposite end of a one way,
2, there are several other cars that have been waiting for many, many minutes."

She looks at him & said,
"I don't really care."
Oh. No. She. Di-int!"
She did.

Tat continues with how she wasn't going to get that spot.
She said, "Oh yes I am. I already asked the driver if they were leaving, so it's my spot."

He stands in front of her car so she can't pull in.
That didn't stop her.
She hops back in her car, jerks her car into drive, then
She ran into his leg & hip over & over!
You know he didn't move.
He just stood in front of her & kept letting her hit him.
Avy was screaming from our car,
"TAT!  That lady is hitting you with her car!!!"
(She doesn't always refer to him as Tat, but I think she realizes that sometimes getting his attention requires words like, chess, money, worms, more recently...hobo stove, and/or yelling "TAT" real loudly. 
Forgive him; he has selective hearing.)

Crazy finally got out of her car.
Tat said,
"Wow. You're a real class-act. You realize that the spot you're taking belongs to that family right there with the 2 boys, 1 of whom is in a wheelchair?!?!"
Her response,
"Then fine.  I'll move for them.  But not for you.
I don't care about you."

Besides that strange encounter, it was a lovely, lovely hike at Rancho.
So if you happen to see a woman driving one of these
around the Rancho parking lot, avoid her.
She has no shame, & quite possibly, no rationalizing capabilities.

Once more for the record...
Oh, no she di-int.
Oh yes, she did.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where ya been, Shay?

Did you ever watch the season of Biggest Loser with Shay?
Anywho, she had been gone for like 2 months then when she returned home for a visit, her step-son said,
"Where ya been, Shay?"
It's a favorite family phrase now.
I mean really.
Did he have no idea where she was for the past 8 weeks?!!?

Here's the segway...
I know you're dying to know where we've been?
The Tatwood family has up & disappeared.
Been doing stuff like this:

First of all,
Christmas Highlights:
Utah with wonderful Family

Lots of treats (wrapper or no wrapper)

Thrilled with the Santa goods

A few bumps & bruises
goose-egg courtesy of wall corner on the stair landing
black eye courtesy of tipping over a chair on the wooden floor while scaling it

LOVING the snow play

Spent half of 2010 planning for the Stake Youth Dance of All Dances
New Year's Eve Dance
New Year's in New York

My Californina love is only deepened by gorgeous January days up in Sausalito.

Bay Area Discovery Museum

       This is seriously the view from the parking lot of the museum.

I guess I'm an embarrassment to society.
I was in a rush to get out of the house so I just grabbed
the top 2 floating socks in my drawer.
They aren't a pair.
They both have holes.
I forgot that there's a room where you have to take off your shoes.

Teaching our kids we ain't no lazies around here.
Now get to work.

The reds were sick for a whole week.
Double ear infections.
Faucet snot noses.
It was close to torture for all.
But the silver lining is that Gingersnaps 1 & 2 had some good sibling bonding time.

And here's a sweet moment worth documenting,
(if you're not feeling sentimental right now...skip this)
After I was completely exhausted, ready to throw in the towel, questioning my capabilities of being a decent mom, I opened up a book my friend gave me & the first thing I read was this scripture,
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
I immediately felt so blessed that I have the awesome responsibility to shape these 2 babes into people.
They are my treasure.
How lucky I am that I get to be with them every day.
Maybe I'll make a vinyl sign out of that.

Tat's been making hobo stoves in his spare time.
This isn't his, but the same idea.
& when asked why, he proudly boasted,
"The ward campout's coming up.
If people are lucky, I'll give some away as door prizes."
Brothers & Sisters, bring your lucky rabbit's foot & you may be so fortunate.

We went to a friend's birthday party & he brought his homemade stove & denatured alcohol.
You KNOW he stole the show.

And last, but definitely not least,
Grandma is in town!!!
You know the drill...
cleans off my washer & dryer
takes the kids for walks
does the laundry
wakes up at night with Buddy the sleep devil
offers to clean out my car
bakes cookies, then delivers them to the neighbors
bakes peanut butter bars
 cleans my windows
We've also been playing a bit.
Santana Row

Our favorite candy store in Los Gatos

And that's where we been, Shay.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Should I accept this Friend request?


Avy announced to us last night:
"Kitty is on facebook."
Whit says, "Oh yeah? What does her status say?"
Avy responds, "Meow meow. Meow meow meow meow."

So I wonder which of these is Kitty's profile pic?
This one says:
"I'm popular.  Always where the party's at!"

This one screams:
"I'm a jet-setter. Always on the go & up to AWESOME adventures!"

This one announces:
"I'm so fit. Check me out as I exercise!"

This one humbly says:
"I'm spiritual.  Here I am in the praying position."

This clearly states:
"I'm influential.  EVERYONE wants to be me!"

This one from many moons ago is such a fine shot of my boo-tay.
I want everyone thinking I'm the finest cat in town.

These proudly scream:
"I'm so important.  Books & clothing are modeled after me."

And quite frankly, this one flat out makes me look smokin' hot.
So hot that I HAD to throw it out there.

Oh Kitty.  What would we do without you?
And, Oh Avy.  Where do come up with your hilarious 1-liners???