Monday, March 29, 2010

the monthly wrap-up

March was good to us.

We went to my Grandpa Griffin's 80th Birthday Bash in Arizona.  In true Grandma G fashion...
it was a party. 
I think there were over 90 relatives that came! 
Of course there was a night of bonfire & skits, & you better believe the Shelly Griffin Bird family did not disappoint.
We opened with a rap, then finaled with a rousing rendition of Leader of the Pack;
obviously dedicated to Gramps G.
The ditty was complete with lip syncing, leather jackets, & Mama Bird-made poodle skirts.

We visited the famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu.
me & little bro Jaxon

The Leprechaun Fairy visited us.
Avy was a bit weary of a tiny green man traipsing around her house, so we tacked on "Fairy" to the end of his name & all of a sudden he was a good guy.
Clearly he had to use the toilet while dashing around in the night.
We celbrated his happy day with green waffles & the like.

We celebrated 33 wonderful years of having Tat in this world.
Crepes for breakfast.

Pork barbacoa burritos for dinner.
Ice-cream cake for dessert.

The decorator:

I spent the month engulfed in the world's biggest Youth Conference Activity EVER!
It was amazing & such a powerful experience for both the youth & the leaders.
You can check out photos HERE.

I think this was actually February, but I owe it a shout-out.
Kidnapped this beautiful pregnant lady:
for some DELICIOUS DishDash dinner & dessert!
The shock of the kidnap must have worked b/c she has since had the sweet little Babe.

This little piggy decided to start rolling.
& since he's started, he hasn't stopped.
The mastered flop:
step 1- bracing for the big tumble
step 2- gaining great momentum with the right shoulder
step 3- flat to back (but no pic b/c this step is a quick one)
step 4- over to the opposite shoulder in preparation for the final flip
step 5- full 360' back to the tum-tum
step 6- proudly gaze out to the audience

Avycakes has been up to her usual tricks.
You know...the ones where she wears anything but normal clothing & does awesome dance moves?
Yeah, those.

My sister Sally, her 2 cutie boys, & sista Brooklyn came out for a week.
(KJ...Sally really does exist...see her in the pics below.
& Sal, leave a comment so KJ knows you ARE REAL & not made up)

Brooklyn is the gymnast of the Bird fam.  Check her out!

And last but not least, thanks to a thought provoking yoga discussion with LY,
Tatty has decided to take up yoga.
(ps- not tat in the pic, but i imagine if i were to show up at his office right about now,
this is what i would find.)
He would like to improve his strength & flexibility for his upcoming, annual golf trip...obviously.
He turned our living room into a yoga studio last night.
I was much entertained as I sat & watched.

So church ladies in the yoga group, I'm warning you now...
don't be alarmed if a man in spandex & a fuzzy headband shows up speaking Sanskrit.
It's just Tyler.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Announcing...Atwood Child #3!

Oh, hold your horses.
You're thinking I'm laden with child 4 months after delivering another one?
You're crazy!
Actually, our third child has a few differences than the first 2.

-is not a red-head like #'s 1 & 2
-is of Hispanic descent
-has an unproportioned almond shaped head
-& is made of recyclable material


I find myself saying "No" to a lot of Avy's crazy requests. 
So when she makes the ultimate crazy requests, I find myself saying "Yes."
You know, requests like taking "Slippery Soap" (2 Irish Spring bars) in a bucket with us EVERYWHERE we go.
Or carrying 10 heart & train shaped birthday candles in a Ziploc everywhere we go.
Or requests like taking the life-sized Dora with us in the car.
And buckling her up.
Or bathing her with red-heads #1 & 2.
Or setting a place for her at dinner-time.

How could I possibly deny Avy, Dora & Linc, that bonding time?

Yes, we tried to find her a new, loving home at one point,

but somehow she made her way back here.

If you're wondering why I don't have any other pics of my child #3, it's likely because I was holding Linc with one hand & spoon-feeding Dora with the second.
Or because I was tucking Avy in with one arm & Dora with the other.
Or because I was freaked out when I looked in my rear-view mirror & saw Avy, Lincoln, & then Dora with her big smile & wave.

Come on over to meet #3 anytime you'd like.
And if you find yourself getting attached, go ahead & shove her in your purse on the way out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Atwood Overachiever. It's not me.

Saturday in the early morning:
Tatty McGee wakes up early to attend the Temple.  Good man.
Saturday in the late morning:
Said McGee goes to chop some wood at a friend's house.
Saturday afternoon:
Tat tows a friend's broken down car.
Saturday evening:
The man builds grow-boxes for our garden.

In the meantime:
These 2 hooligans & their madre stayed in pj's & danced in the living room with The Wiggles all day.
Oh, and we picked out all the good candy from the candy stash.

And did I mention that Tat ALSO has found time & the desire to organize frozen breastmilk in chronological order of expiration date? 
Thanks to his system, I now know the milk on the left side of the door will be good clear till June twenty-ten.

Thanks for all you do around here Tatwood.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Switched at birth?

I'm pretty sure Avy & Lincoln aren't related AT ALL!
There is absolutely, positively no resemblance.
I demand a DNA test.