Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Atwood Overachiever. It's not me.

Saturday in the early morning:
Tatty McGee wakes up early to attend the Temple.  Good man.
Saturday in the late morning:
Said McGee goes to chop some wood at a friend's house.
Saturday afternoon:
Tat tows a friend's broken down car.
Saturday evening:
The man builds grow-boxes for our garden.

In the meantime:
These 2 hooligans & their madre stayed in pj's & danced in the living room with The Wiggles all day.
Oh, and we picked out all the good candy from the candy stash.

And did I mention that Tat ALSO has found time & the desire to organize frozen breastmilk in chronological order of expiration date? 
Thanks to his system, I now know the milk on the left side of the door will be good clear till June twenty-ten.

Thanks for all you do around here Tatwood.


The Mostess said...

Tatwood makes me feel lazy. I'm more of a dancing in the living room fool, less organizing breast milk. And I'm okay with that.

I need more candy for my stash--why did I go so light?

Kara said...

What a good man. I'm with you on the Pjs, dancing with hooligans, eating candy thing though, it sounds like a lot more fun. The look on Lincoln's face while he is in the baby stroller cracks me up!

Stephanie said...

I wish I had that stash of milk in my freezer! That stuff is liquid gold.

Jen said...

We need grow boxes. Just Tat want to extend his realm of service over here too? :)

Valerie said...

What a GOOD man you got there! Seriously he is like the Energizer Bunny, and the breast milk organization means he's a keeper for life.

Matt and Jessie said...

Wow, that makes me feel a bit lazy! Yay for your man!

The Gilberts said...

What a stud!

Ashley said...

I know a certain husband who is not so diligent at tacking his (my) to-do list. Can I book Tat for a few hours please? I will pay you in chocolate.

Lindsay said...

What a good guy. What are you guys going to plant?

whitethunder said...

To think there were 6 or 7 more bags of milk before he worked up such a thirst, he just threw in his favorite tang flavor and called it a smoothie.

It was quite delicious/