Monday, March 29, 2010

the monthly wrap-up

March was good to us.

We went to my Grandpa Griffin's 80th Birthday Bash in Arizona.  In true Grandma G fashion...
it was a party. 
I think there were over 90 relatives that came! 
Of course there was a night of bonfire & skits, & you better believe the Shelly Griffin Bird family did not disappoint.
We opened with a rap, then finaled with a rousing rendition of Leader of the Pack;
obviously dedicated to Gramps G.
The ditty was complete with lip syncing, leather jackets, & Mama Bird-made poodle skirts.

We visited the famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu.
me & little bro Jaxon

The Leprechaun Fairy visited us.
Avy was a bit weary of a tiny green man traipsing around her house, so we tacked on "Fairy" to the end of his name & all of a sudden he was a good guy.
Clearly he had to use the toilet while dashing around in the night.
We celbrated his happy day with green waffles & the like.

We celebrated 33 wonderful years of having Tat in this world.
Crepes for breakfast.

Pork barbacoa burritos for dinner.
Ice-cream cake for dessert.

The decorator:

I spent the month engulfed in the world's biggest Youth Conference Activity EVER!
It was amazing & such a powerful experience for both the youth & the leaders.
You can check out photos HERE.

I think this was actually February, but I owe it a shout-out.
Kidnapped this beautiful pregnant lady:
for some DELICIOUS DishDash dinner & dessert!
The shock of the kidnap must have worked b/c she has since had the sweet little Babe.

This little piggy decided to start rolling.
& since he's started, he hasn't stopped.
The mastered flop:
step 1- bracing for the big tumble
step 2- gaining great momentum with the right shoulder
step 3- flat to back (but no pic b/c this step is a quick one)
step 4- over to the opposite shoulder in preparation for the final flip
step 5- full 360' back to the tum-tum
step 6- proudly gaze out to the audience

Avycakes has been up to her usual tricks.
You know...the ones where she wears anything but normal clothing & does awesome dance moves?
Yeah, those.

My sister Sally, her 2 cutie boys, & sista Brooklyn came out for a week.
(KJ...Sally really does exist...see her in the pics below.
& Sal, leave a comment so KJ knows you ARE REAL & not made up)

Brooklyn is the gymnast of the Bird fam.  Check her out!

And last but not least, thanks to a thought provoking yoga discussion with LY,
Tatty has decided to take up yoga.
(ps- not tat in the pic, but i imagine if i were to show up at his office right about now,
this is what i would find.)
He would like to improve his strength & flexibility for his upcoming, annual golf trip...obviously.
He turned our living room into a yoga studio last night.
I was much entertained as I sat & watched.

So church ladies in the yoga group, I'm warning you now...
don't be alarmed if a man in spandex & a fuzzy headband shows up speaking Sanskrit.
It's just Tyler.


Matt and Jessie said...

Looks like lots of fun! Glad Sally was able to come for a visit! I am sure your entire family was excited to meet your little guy! Hope all is going well! xoxo

Ashley said...

That little Lincoln's expressions in those rolling pics are priceless. He looks so much like Avy--adorable!

Hilarious that Tat is taking up yoga. Don't tell Tyler it's good for golf or he'll be there too. And I can't tolerate him gone any more than he is.

I can vouch that Sally is real.

The Cardon's said...

YESSS!! I am REAL!!! And Hay I hope that is not the best pict you had of me or it would probably be better off if I wern't real! Wow a lot has happened in the 3 days since we left! Rolling babe and a yoga studio in your living room. Of course there really wasn't room for it while we were there! Please please please secretly snap a shot of Ty man during a work out! I can't wait!!! I have this great pict in my head and it is great! Don't dissapoint me Tyler! We had so much fun with you guys! thanks for all the fun and letting us come! Love you all!

The Mostess said...

Right..."Sally." I'll believe it when I see it in person.

How funny that Sally showed up on this post to vouch for her realness.

I saw the awesomely fancy photoshop work your photographer friend used to photoshop Whitney into the Christmas car photo. Your "proof" doesn't hold water.

Yay for rollers and creepy green dudes who make a mess and leave pee in the toilet. What a rude little man.

Kevin and Kristina said...

love your update! what a fun month! lincoln is so darling and i always love avy's outfit choices. she is going to love all these pics when she is older.

Jennikunz said...

Sally is NOT real! Hayley and her family have been pulling that one for years!
Your blogs are always so funny.. why is Austin wearing a tie at the London Bridge? It was aweseom to spend some time and FINALLY meet Avy! (and Lincoln)

The Mostess said...

Jenni--I know, right?

Tara said...

I so wish I could have come on the Arizona adventure! Whenever Haley, Grandma G, Shelly and Jenni are in the same room you know if you're not there you're missing out!
And the pics of Linc rolling were SO DANG CUTE.