Friday, March 26, 2010

Announcing...Atwood Child #3!

Oh, hold your horses.
You're thinking I'm laden with child 4 months after delivering another one?
You're crazy!
Actually, our third child has a few differences than the first 2.

-is not a red-head like #'s 1 & 2
-is of Hispanic descent
-has an unproportioned almond shaped head
-& is made of recyclable material


I find myself saying "No" to a lot of Avy's crazy requests. 
So when she makes the ultimate crazy requests, I find myself saying "Yes."
You know, requests like taking "Slippery Soap" (2 Irish Spring bars) in a bucket with us EVERYWHERE we go.
Or carrying 10 heart & train shaped birthday candles in a Ziploc everywhere we go.
Or requests like taking the life-sized Dora with us in the car.
And buckling her up.
Or bathing her with red-heads #1 & 2.
Or setting a place for her at dinner-time.

How could I possibly deny Avy, Dora & Linc, that bonding time?

Yes, we tried to find her a new, loving home at one point,

but somehow she made her way back here.

If you're wondering why I don't have any other pics of my child #3, it's likely because I was holding Linc with one hand & spoon-feeding Dora with the second.
Or because I was tucking Avy in with one arm & Dora with the other.
Or because I was freaked out when I looked in my rear-view mirror & saw Avy, Lincoln, & then Dora with her big smile & wave.

Come on over to meet #3 anytime you'd like.
And if you find yourself getting attached, go ahead & shove her in your purse on the way out.


Matt and Jessie said...

Wow! Congratulations on your addition!! I am glad that you are keeping her buckled up in the car. You'll have to tell me how to handle 3 kids. Get me all prepped and ready to go!

The Mostess said...

And you have me to thank!

I'm the greatest friend around. You're welcome!

Tyler Kearl said...

Ha ha. I knew Avy wanted to keep that thing!

The Cardon's said...

Lets be real though- it's like the perfect child! I bet Dora never throws a fit (not that your's do either), I bet you didn't have to spend a fortune on diapers for her, I am pretty sure Dora isn't at any time going to run up a food bill, never talk back or make messes. Plus teen year will be a breeze- ha she never ages!!! And she is friendly and always happy to see you!!!

Lindsay said...

Does she ever use the kid-sized urinal?

Atwoods said...

Jess: 3 is TOUGH! especially when she's an awkward size & won't sit comfortably on my hip.
Kaari: yes, from the bottom of my plastic, oversized heart...thank you.
Kearl: you just WILL be getting a housewarming gift soon after your arrival in NJ. that's what you guys get for leaving.
Sal: true, i don't have to spend $ on diapers, but she does use a lot of my expensive baby lotion. yes, we lather her up after tubby-time.
Lindsay: no. she eats & drinks, but surprisingly doesn't need to void herself. go figure.