Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh no she di-int!

We all love a good Tat story.

Here you have it:

We love Rancho San Antonio. 
We hike here with the miglets often.

As usual, Saturdays are horrendous for parking, but you just wait your turn in line & it's all good.
Yesterday was no different.
We waited in a line of 4 cars for about 10 minutes.
2 of the cars in front of us bailed.
There was only 1 car in front of us.
We wait another few minutes.
A car starts to pull out!
Hot Dog!
(& the car in front of us was a sweet family with a special needs boy who they were loading up in his wheelchair & getting all ready as they were waiting.)

As the leaving car starts to back out, a crazy lady zooms in the wrong way of the ONE WAY parking lot & waits for the spot.
Say it with me,
"Oh no, she di-int!"
Yes, she did.
In true Tat, man of justice, fashion, he bolts out of the car.
He approaches her very calmly & says something to this effect,
"Sorry, Maam.  But 2 things...
1, you're coming in the opposite end of a one way,
2, there are several other cars that have been waiting for many, many minutes."

She looks at him & said,
"I don't really care."
Oh. No. She. Di-int!"
She did.

Tat continues with how she wasn't going to get that spot.
She said, "Oh yes I am. I already asked the driver if they were leaving, so it's my spot."

He stands in front of her car so she can't pull in.
That didn't stop her.
She hops back in her car, jerks her car into drive, then
She ran into his leg & hip over & over!
You know he didn't move.
He just stood in front of her & kept letting her hit him.
Avy was screaming from our car,
"TAT!  That lady is hitting you with her car!!!"
(She doesn't always refer to him as Tat, but I think she realizes that sometimes getting his attention requires words like, chess, money, worms, more recently...hobo stove, and/or yelling "TAT" real loudly. 
Forgive him; he has selective hearing.)

Crazy finally got out of her car.
Tat said,
"Wow. You're a real class-act. You realize that the spot you're taking belongs to that family right there with the 2 boys, 1 of whom is in a wheelchair?!?!"
Her response,
"Then fine.  I'll move for them.  But not for you.
I don't care about you."

Besides that strange encounter, it was a lovely, lovely hike at Rancho.
So if you happen to see a woman driving one of these
around the Rancho parking lot, avoid her.
She has no shame, & quite possibly, no rationalizing capabilities.

Once more for the record...
Oh, no she di-int.
Oh yes, she did.


McDonalds said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a moron that lady was/is! Oh, and your husband is hilarious (and maybe a bit crazy he okay?)

The Mostess said...


Who does that in real life--the exception being Black Friday, of course, cause it's ALL up for grabs on that day. What a...well, I can't use the word, but you know we're all thinking it.

I love your hobo-stove loving husband. Good for Tat. First he takes over Lombard Street, then he takes over Rancho. That woman deserves to have her tires slashed.

PS--the Dish @ Stanford is a good Rancho alternative on busy days!

Matt and Jessie said...

Holy cow! Your hubby is the man! Can't believe that actually happened! At least ya had a nice hike afterward.

LJ, DC and ML said...

Way to go Tyler! Ugh, isn't there someone we can report nasties like that to?

whitney said...

wow. i mean WOW. freakin' stupid stuck-up rich lady.

props to tat.

candace said...

crazy story!! tat is truly a man i can admire...good for him! did you get her license plate number? can anyone say assault and battery? i know a good lawyer :)

Jenni said...

There are many aspects of this story that make me laugh. Perhaps my favorite, however, is the fact that Avy was calling him "Tat". Awesome. Also, this takes me back a little to the Office episode where Dwight and Andy fight. Too bad she wasn't in a Prius.

Valerie said...

Oh my heck, where was your camcorder! I think this just might beat the cross walk movie. Your Tat stories are my favorite, I am rolling laughing. And what a beast of a woman, don't worry she will get hers.

Ashley said...

I love being regaled with Tat stories, and this is perhaps the finest I've ever heard. He should have made a citizen's arrest!For crying out lady, crazy lady, we live in a society here!

Lindsay said...

Wow! I wish I was know I would have been recording it on my phone. A video clip is maybe the only thing that could have made this post better than it already is. What is with that Rancho parking lot that makes people insane?!?! Remember when those women also cut the line and stole our spot? I was glad there was a ranger nearby to give them a lecture about common decency. Ugh! People are ridiculous sometimes!