Monday, October 24, 2011

october...thus far...

has been busy.
and fun.
and busy.

It started with my, & other costumed, hooligans trying to escape music class.

& while the olders were on their way to freedom,
 Linc chased around the Halloween hotties. 

We scavenged the hood for the perfect Spooky Halloween Tree
 limbs & rocks, then went to town painting. 


The Atwoods cruised on over to Half Moon Bay for our annual pumpkin picking.
Avy on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. 

  Linc at the patch this year.
Linc at the patch last year. 
You've come a long way, Buddy.

We went to Great America for Trick-or-Treating with
 Snoopy & the Gang.

This little bean is such a dolly.
We love her to bits.
It's impossible to pick her up & not kiss her chubb-ed cheeks over & over.

 And why is it that getting my 4 week old to smile
in a picture is easier than getting the other 2???

Tat & I went to Kaari's annual Halloween Bash.
This year the theme was Heros vs Villians.
We were originally going to be a ghost & a Ghostbuster.

We got lazy at the last minute, & I have a feeling Tyler has just been dying to find an opportunity to wear his camo in public, so this is what we rolled up to the party as: 

(yes, I wore this a few years ago.
Like I said...we got lazy.)

There was a spooky eating contest.
I joined the ranks for the green slime-goo competition.
It was straight sweetened condensed milk.
Does NOT go down so quickly.
I didn't win.
Now that I think of it, maybe this is why my stomache has been having issues the past couple days???
Kristine, Tyler with me?

Kaari was a sweet friend & sent me home with
some cute Halloween kitchen towels. 
I'm sure it's to prep me for bringing home
the grand prize come Cookie Competition 2011.


Stephanie said...

I am glad I didn't stay for games. I for sure would have been barfing it up. That picture of Sarah climbing is hilarious.

Matt and Jessie said...

LOVE your pictures! I love the escaping children! Too funny!! I can't believe how much you can accomplish with a newborn. Seriously, slow down! You are making me look bad! I love your decorations. As for Halfmoon Bay. I am so glad you are able to live out the fantasy of taking your hubby there every year! lol!! I still have to drag Matt there one of these years.

The Mostess said...

It wasn't.

Kristine Gray said...

Whose child is that in her underwear? What kind of mother lets her kid run around like that!?