Sunday, September 4, 2011

rAh..RaH..sis boom bah!

I don't scrapbook.
My cooking is average.
I play no musical instrument.
I don't turn old sidewalk furniture into vintage-y, fabulous decor.
But I'm down wit dat, because really, where I shine is throwing my kids a mean party.
I'll toot my own horn on that one loud & proud.
And let's be honest, what's more important than teaching my kids that life is all about the party?
Avy's Cheerleading Party has come & gone.
It was squad-tastic!

Here are all the deets.
The invites:

The adorable cheer uniform my mom made for Avy:
Could it be any cuter?
Could she be any cuter?

The decor:

I love my popcorn tub from the $ store.

The activities:
pom-pom making

sports bounce house slide

obstacle course
balance across the hose
flexibility through the tunnel
agility up the ladder in the bounce house & down the slide at the end

Some of the guests:

The entertainment:
I dread the day my party-throwing committee won't give into my ridiculous demands anymore.
They were phenomenal!
They danced.
Did cheers.
Taught cheers.
Stunted the party girl.
Led the tots in a rousing rendition of pass the pom-pom.
Congratulated the squad hopefuls on their making the squad at the end of the obstacle course with bracelets & tattoos.
They are the dream team.

The cake:

I know. It's fabulous.
My life-saving friend Kim offered to make it & did an outstanding job.
This is white chocolate that she colored & painted...all edible!

The cupcakes:
Again, another life-saving friend Andrea offered to make them for the party.
Pink raw sugar atop homemade frosting & white cupcakes.
Beautiful & YUM!

And I have to also mention the other life-savers who made loads & loads of rice krispie treats for the party:
Erin, Alie, Kaari, & Lindsay
 The less I had to stand up & bake for this gathering the better.
You all have no idea how much this helped me out.

The pinata:

Yes, it's homemade.
What a fun project!
I highly recommend making your own!
It cost me a whole $1, if that, & was so fun & easy.
Sister Brooklyn gave me the genius idea & got me started.
Here's how to do it if you're interested:
-mix 1 cup flour w 2 cups water
-drench strips of newspaper then squeeze off excess paste
-completely cover balloon with mache & do a few layers for firmness
(leave a bare circle big enough to fit candy inside)
-let completely dry for a couple days
-pop balloon 
 -we put b-day hats on to make it a star shape
-cover with crepe paper & decorate

-oh yeah, & hire this pinata engineer to rig a handle.

A few extra post-worthy pics from the par-tay:
tots spying on the cheer squad before their grand entrance
the lovely Jacobs ladies
(love this picture!)
the pinata gents
some cheer babes

Gus-gus scouting out the cheer babes from afar
he must have found the cheer babes
after-party bounce house fun
birthday girlies posing for a pic
exhausted, finally clean, & glued to curious george after a long day of partying
And my ALL-TIME FAVORITE memory from the cheerleading party...
drum roll please...
wow. about all i can say. wow.
He said to me later,
"I was surprised at how easy it was to do that jump!"
And you did it so gracefully, dear.  We were all so impressed.

So that was the party.
& yes, it was held 3 weeks before the real birthday of Ms. Avy, 
but, as Tat kindly reminds me,
the ol' gray know the rest.
I figured if we were going to have a bash, it needed to be while I could still stand up & semi-bend.
So we held it on my birthday. 

That's right, now let's make it all about me.
29, folks!
One more year until I throw myself my own monster party.
What a great day I had.
Surrounded by friends & family.
Tat & I went out for some Greek food for dinner.
Whit-Whit made me a cake.
  Tatty surprised me with a new laptop!
I got a couple pedicure certificates which are a rounded,
 pregnant gal's best friend.
& last, but not least, I woke up to this freshly made paper flower bouquet & a swoon-worthy love letter from my guy.
He may seem cave-man like at times, but overall, he's a romeo & youtube how-to junkie at heart.

Thanks to everyone who made Avy's party & my birthday so special!


The Mostess said...

That was a party to cheer for. Toot that horn, girl. You throw a mean par-tay! That Avycakers is one lucky little lass.

I was very impressed with Tat's jumping skills. Also very impressed with the new laptop. Go Tat!

I love that pic of us! Her little hand under her chin. Adorable!!

Happy bday to you and Beg Red!

Matt and Jessie said...

You do throw a mean party! It looked like a blast! Avy is such a beautiful little girl!! I am glad you had fun Birthday too! You are the best and I just love ya!

Tennille Butler Thompson said...

It looks like everyone had a blast at your cheer party, it all looks so cute. Happy 29th!

Molly said...

Daaaaang, girl. I would toot my own horn if I threw parties like that, too!

Ashley said...

The Ole Gray Mare throws a mean party! I knew my kids might be tired after the circus but I was going to show up regardless. It was SO so SO cute! And bday parties are huge to little kids, so I think it's a very honorable aspect of life to focus on! Mostly though I am impressed at Tat's sweet ways, and that herkie is pretty dang sweet. I'm so glad you got some fun bday stuff for you in there too.

Ashley said...

Also, props to you for being a fun, relaxed hostess. I know you have a leg up bc you have free entertainers, but at my kid's parties I run around like Bobby Knight, sweating and bossing kids around while I alianate their bystanding parents.