Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cutest little mole I've ever seen

Remember way back in January when the Dr. at Urgent Care told me I had a molar pregnancy & would have a d&c later in the week???
Well thank HEAVENS we have a real doctor that clarified...
no mole, real baby.

Here she be:
Ashby Atwood
She's perfect. 

The name:
So we were planning on the name Harper.
But in my mind, Harper was identical to Avy.
She had awesome red hair.
So when she was born, & didn't look anything like we imagined Harper would look like, she stumped the chump.
We were without name.
We were staring at a beautiful blondie who needed the perfect name.
We had orginally liked Ashby too.
So we toyed back & forth between the 2 names & several others for the whole hopsital stay, & then finally agreed upon Ashby.
It fits.

The stats:
September 23, 2011
(yes, Avy's birthday too)
8:53 pm
7lbs 6oz
20.5 inches

The delivery:
I woke up Friday morning with some contractions, hoping & praying this was it...
I had contractions off & on all day, & then they started to get more regular & painful towards the afternoon.
We decided we should get moving to the hospital, but had to celebrate a certain little someone's 4th birthday before we took off.

Even 6 minute apart contractions won't stop me from downing me some cake & ice-cream.
I'm a die hard.
We got to the hospital around 3pm & got all checked out.
I was only a 3.  Hmmph.
They said, well, you can go home & labor, or since we have you all hooked up & here in a bed, do you just want to get things moving along & have that baby?

I had an induction scheduled for the next day.
I was trying to avoid the girlies sharing the same birthday, but realized that this baby would likely be coming on the 23rd whether I went home & sat in pain & anticipation, or whether I labored in the hospital with the comfort of my friend the epidural.

So I got the epidural & pitocin at 5pm.
Felt the need to push about 3.5 hours later, got permission from nurse & dr,
pushed through 2 contractions and out came Ashby.
I hope to not curse myself for any possible births in the future, but really,
this one was easy breezy.
Less than 10 minutes of pushing...I'll take it.
In fact, the Dr. said,
"They shouldn't even pay me for doing this. This one's too easy."
You know Tyler took note of that.

The reds:
In love.
They can't get enough.
Linc is constantly asking, "Where's Baby?" in his own verbage, of course.
And everytime he sees her, he says, "My Baby!"
Exactly what I predicted...very protective of "my baby!"

Avy is so helpful & just adores Ashby.
She can't get enough snuggling & is already
 trying to teach her the fine art of patty-cake.

They couldn't be more sweet.

The dad:
No shenanigans this time.
Really, none at all.
With Avy's labor, he slept through the majority of it.
Poor guy just couldn't please me when I needed him to rub my hand.
With Linc's labor, he went out to get himself some dinner & stopped by the car dealership before heading back to the hospital.
And, also with Linc, if my memory serves me correctly,
I asked him at one point to go get the nurse, & he pretended to go do it bc he didn't really think I was ready to push.
But it's all good.  I know he meant well.
Ashby...he was fully present, both physically & mentally.
He rubbed my hands at the perfect pressure when I got the shakes.
He was very attentive when I asked for water.
He retrieved our nurse at the moment I asked.
He wins the Labor & Delivery Husband of the Year award.
Thanks, Tyler!

A few more random pics:

So there you have it.
Ashby is a bundle of love & we are soaking up every moment of her.
Thanks for all the well wishes & congratulations you've all given us! 

We feel very loved & blessed.

Oh wait!
Hold the phone!
I almost forgot to mention one of the most AWESOME parts about the past few days.
Let the picture speak for itself:
That's right, folks.
I somehow scored not 1, not 2, but 3
of the coveted hospital water bottles.
I got one a few days before from the false water breaking alarm
(see previous post)
And then after Ashby was born I dropped mine on the floor at the hospital so the nurse told me to throw it away and she would get me a new one.
Heck no.
She got me a new one, but you better bet your bottom dollar we kept the fallen one as well.


The Mostess said...

I wanna eat that little bundle of love right up. What a cutie, and I love that she broke that red streak!!

So glad that your delivery was easy breezy--and apparently free, according to Tyler's lawsuit that will surely follow. Hey, the Doc said he shouldn't be paid. RIGHT??

So glad Tat didn't engage in shenanigans this time. Seriously.

I don't know what the fuss is all about with those water bottles. You better guard those 3 babies. You know Carter is coming after them, and will likely bust a lung in the process. Score! Then she could be readmitted, and get her own. You ladies and those bottles.

Welcome, Ashby. I'm sure you won't be annoyed that I continue to refer to you as Harper.

Lynn and Joyce said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations!

Matt and Jessie said...

She is such a beautiful little love! I hope that she is a good baby for you and that all are adjusting well. I just love you and your sweet family!! I hope that I get to meet this sweet little one before she is driving a car.

Ashley said...

This post made me so happy! She is so so cute with all that blonde hair--and yet she still totally looks like she's out of your mold. What a perfect delivery. I don't know what these people complain about what with "labor" and "tearing" and "c-sections"! ;) You guys all look so happy--even the reds which is so cute! Congrats and I can't wait to see her in person!

Carlie said...

congrats!! love her blonde hair! That is so fun. She's a cutie! I love that the kids already love her. It's precious. Hope Avy was ok sharing her birthday with her. :)

Molly said...

She is adorable! Congrats, Hayley!

Jenni said...

Congratulations, though after reading your easy breezy labor & delivery story, I say that with some bitterness. It sounds like I started pushing before you (8pm) and little Stella didn't make it out for an hour after Ashby. Lucky! No, congratulations, really. She looks like a doll. I guess we took the red hair this time around. I'm excited for our little ones to meet.

Johnson Family said...

Oh my goodness she is sooo precious! What an adorable baby she is. Congrats!! I am sure you two and the kidos are having tons of fun getting plenty of baby snuggles in.

Lindsey said...

Hayley, she is adorable. She is totally part of your fam! I love it. The blonde hair is so cute. She seems good size and alert. I am so glad everything went well. Glad tat was present and awake :). (way to go Tyler...way to take one for the team). Wish I were there to bring you dinner as an excuse to sit and hold her for a bit.

Dan and Kari said...

Congrats! She is beautiful, love all of that blonde hair, and the name! I love the pics of your kids holding her, what sweethearts. Hope you're feeling well!

Tennille Butler Thompson said...

I can't get over that blonde little head of hair, she is such a doll! I hope you are recovering and you're getting lots of TLC.

Ashley said...

She really is so perfect and beautiful. I have to keep coming back to look at her. Time for number 4! HA!

Ashley said...

Really though, isn't one of us always pregnant? It's like some sort of yin yang.

Hayley said...

ashley, assuming you come back for another peek, you may see this comment.
are you announcing something exciting?
and don't feel like you can only get your baby fix on the blog...come see her!

Tyler Kearl said...

Congratulations Tyler and Haley!

Let the craziness begin.

Tyler, way to stay awake.

Smiths said...

She is so beautiful! So happy for you guys!!