Monday, December 22, 2008

here i go breaking promises

I know I promised to stop posting my Dear Savvy Shopper blog finds on this blog, BUT PEOPLE, YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO MY OTHER BLOG AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

Expires December 25...aka - hustle your bustle!

Let's just say I just got
$75 worth of gift certificates to ROK BISTRO
for a grand total of

And let's just say I just purchased
$20 worth of gift certificates to Aldo
in Los Altos for a grand total of

If you don't subscribe or occasionally check out dearsavvyshopper, you may just likely be missing out on a steal like this one.

Go on. Get clicking HERE!

And leave me some feedback either on this site or on DSS so I know you were able to take advantage of this steal. Thanks!

Happy cheap dining!

And I now renew my vow to stop posting
Dear Savvy Shopper info here...
wink, wink.


hteuscher said...

Jamies family sent this one around too! It is great, just make sure to read the fine print, our understanding is it doesnt work like a 25$ gift card like cash, it is more like a coupon and there is a minimum purchase order. The melting pot has them up in san mateo, but you have to purchase 50 dollars, so for a 25$ gift card it is a 75$ tab for 50$ - not bad though! Just dont be like my bil who thought he bought 200$ worth of dinners and really will need to pay alot of reach minimum purchase!

hteuscher said...

Sorry, Cant add - the 50 would only be 25 with the 25 coupon and we werent sure if you could use multiples in one trip (cause the tab is normally 75) But any money off is great!

hteuscher said...

While I am commenting....LOVE the pics of cute little Avy!! The shoe pic is darling but I have to say my fav is either between her posing in her cute getup....or trying to find a boogie! She is such a cutie!