Sunday, December 21, 2008

(to be said like they do on Friends) My Christmas-ey DAY OF FUN!

PWC (Tat's place of employment) has a big, fun party with LOTS of good food in a FUN & EXCITING venue giving me a good reason to get all DOLLED-UP every Christmas.

Did that happen this year? No. That blasted economy. The heart-filled company of PricewaterhouseCoopers decided to give the cost of my one night a year that I get to feel like a fancy princess and eat lots of delectable food for free ... to charity. How sweet of them.

However, Avy didn't miss out this year. They did provide the kiddies with a visit to Santa George (it kind of creeps me out that they call him that, but that's what all the emails referring to the event called him).

Here was the good time:

After Santa George's visit, we played at Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose. SO CUTE!!! If you have never been, GO! It's so Christmas-ey and will make your day jolly and bright.

Later that evening, I got in touch with my culturally artistic side and hit up the holiday favorite; The Nutcracker. Very lovely!


Matt and Jessie said...

Looks like lots of fun! The Nutcracker! I am totally jealous of that one. That is one of my favorite things about Christmas, but they don't really have that around here! We used to go every year to Boise to see it, and then of course when we went as little nannies. That is the last time I have been. Anyway, hope you all made it here safe! I am excited to see you guys!

Meghan said...

Man Haylee, you have this whole "getting into the Christmas spirit" thing down! Way to go! Looks like you and sweet Avy have been having loads of fun!