Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My trek to Bethlehem...

...will have to wait another year. Boo-hoo.

So the Baptist church down the street does this AWESOME live display of the city of Bethlehem every Christmas. It's huge! They build up a real mini-city with buildings, characters, ornate costumes, Middle Eastern music & dancing, bead-making for the kids, wine making via children stomping grapes with their tootsies, live animals such as donkeys and camels, an acted out Nativity scene with a real baby...and so on.

(pics courtesty of the Bethlehem Exhibit)

We've lived down the street from this incredible display for nearly 4 years now, and every year Tat & I say, "this year we're going."

This was the year. We organized a large group of fellow Family Home Evening celebraters and planned on walking to "Bethlehem" and then returning to the Atwood manor for wintery libations & sugar.

Unfortunately I had to miss it...again. Little Avycakes had been runny nose-ish and fussy-pants all day, so she went to bed at 5pm.

Oh well, at least I got to enjoy some fine company after the party returned.

A few of those that made the trek to Bethlehem.

The goodness that awaited the travelers' return.

These cookies from TJ's were something new to the Atwood shopping cart. I highly recommend for hot cocoa parties...yum!

A wee-little trekker making multiple trips to the goodness table.

And of course no get-together would be complete without the men-folk pulling out the chess board; something I'll never understand.


Jenni said...

Thanks for the invite, but we didn't get it until after the fact. We were out celebrating Max's birthday with the Bennings (for a reminder of who Max is, see my post about our furry houseguest). Looks like we would've had a fabulous time, though!

Lindsay said...

Did Tyler tell you how good the wine was? It certainly wasn't grape juice, but I did read online that it was non-alcoholic. :)

Matt and Jessie said...

That looks really cool! Sorry you had to miss it. Hopefully Avy is feeling much better today, that would be awful if she is sick for your drive! Are you leaving on Friday or Saturday? We are all super excited to see you guys!

The Cardon's said...

I really wish we had fun things like that to do around here. I can't even tell you how excited we all are for you guys to come- tell Ty we will have the wassle waiting! And Xander is excited to play in the snow -which is in abundance- with Avy- he even has his old snow pants out waiting for her arrival!

The Mostess said...

Who are those weird chess men?? Certainly not anyone we know...and certainly *not* married to.

The Atwood's said...

Chess? Really Tyler? I think you've hit an all time low. What ever happened to Settler's? :) j/k I'm just bitter because I haven't the slightest how to play the dern game!

LJ and DC said...

Woohooo! Hurray for Bethleham. I'm sorry you missed it cause it's pretty freaking awesome.

SISSY said...

I heard about that, I totally missed it this year, I wish they did it longer than they do. I will go with you next year :)
I heard it is amazing! Hope you are having a great Christmas season, and that Avy feels better soon.