Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'M beginning to look a lot like SANTA

No, I'm not going gray or growing a beard. But I do love holiday treats. Have you ever seen that show "I Eat 30,000 Calories A Day" on TLC? That's about how I feel this past weekend.

Our friends the Kearls threw an Ugly Sweater/Gingerbread House Party on Saturday. LOTS of yummy goodness, I repeat, LOTS of yummy goodness.

No ugly sweater is complete without nasty cargos, reindeer antlers, and a gnarly bow on top o' thee head.

No hostess has worn slick pants like these since the 80's. Way to pull it off, Linds!

Me working on that "I'm beginning to look a lot like Santa" piece.

Good friends Pat & Lindsay modeling their Festive Sweaters...which Lindsay totally made!

And then on Sunday my friend Kaari hosted her annual Cookie Swap Contest. Did I win? NOOOOOO. Am I bitter? NOOOOOOO... just very competitive and jealous, but not bitter. Bring it next year ladies, bring it.

Pumpkin cookies, made by yours truly, which for whatever reason did not win. But again, I'm not bitter. Very, very happy for the winners. See my smiley face :)

Yet again, do you see why I'm Beginning to Look a lot Like Santa?

And then earlier this week, Avy hosted her very first Holly Jolly Christmas Party at her Gingerbread House (meaning her home) for 21 of her toddler friends. Yes, lots of bitties running around, but SO MUCH FUN! Where else in the world can you have a Holly Jolly Christmas Party...... in the middle of December...... in the backyard...... without winter coats or earmuffs.....and get a bit warm? Sunny California, of course. Thanks for coming little toddling friends!!! And thanks for making an appearance Manny Clause, oops, I mean Santa Clause.

Gingerbread House toppings...toddler appropriate, of course.

Avy decorating her house with goldfish & Froot Loops (which by the way she had for the first time and LOVED a bit too much).

PS- The frosting recipe for these gb-houses is like concrete. Let me know if you need a super-great recipe to make your holiday habitat. Thanks for passing it on Lindsay Y!

Looks like this lil guy is joining my 30,000 calories a day club too.

Thanks for a fun week of food & parties everyone!
Pics from all parties can be seen on our

(let me know if you need the password)


The Mostess said...

Oh my are so brave! That party was so the toppings and staggered juice boxes!

Matt and Jessie said...

Excuse me, I thought you said 21 toddlers. Yikes! You are a super mom! Gotta love the weather!

Harts said... why aren't I invited to any of these shin digs! Oh yea, I live in St. George in a nieghborhood where everyone is old. I bet I could find lots of ugly sweater participants in my neghborhood. So I loved the bow in the hair, oh and I have to tell you, I wore jeans and black boots just like you had on yesterday. Great minds think alike, eh? Oh and whatever you are looking like Santa, you look skinnier than I have ever seen you miss Hayley Sassofrat pants! I am still working on the last 10 lbs I want to loose of Brigham fat (thanks Briggs), but why try during the holidays. Oh and one more thing, I mean this is already a long post, a few more lines won't make a difference, if I was at the cookie party I would of chose your pumpkin cookies for sure. They are my favorite, in fact I ate two before I started blogging.....mmmmm, belly expanding!

Johnson Family said...

Did I tell you that I am moving down there so I can join in all the fun? I am sure that it is so nice to be able to be outside this time of year. You are wonder woman!!

Erin said...

Hey Hayley and Tyler. Thanks for the blog info. It is nice to see you guys even if it is through pictures. I do have to say you throw the cutest party!! I am glad to see that you guys are doing well. Keep in touch!!

Troy, Erin and family
come see our blog

SISSY said...

Such a fun month you are having already, and you still have more weeks to go :) I love all the holiday parties also. Thanks for inviting us to the Gingerbread party, the kids had a blast! I am feeling the same way you are these days, and looking more and more like Santa. :) But you still look hot in your skinny jeans!

Rusty and Tara said...

Seriously??? 21 toddlers? That is BRAVE, and way to much fun. Oh, and go ahead and box me up some of those cookies. Yum yum

Candi said...

You have the best blogs! I think the sweaters were great!!! Can I get that gb frosting recipe? We are have a Christmas Eve Party with all my neices and nephews, and that is a fun yet edible craft!

Lucky 7s said...

Holy cow.. do you hire out? I need about about 4 dozen treats for work and the neighbors. Wow girl!