Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ever wonder what celebrity status would be like?

Well I happen to know. And it's a rough life.

I had the paparazzi following me around for an afternoon and I could hardly take a step without being harassed.

Okay fine, here's the real story:

My sister and I were downtown one afternoon and I was gussied up in my sexy coat & boots. She said, "Wow, you look like a celebrity. I'm going to play paparazzi."

I was like, "No. I can't, well okay" (you know, like from Tommy Boy).

So she took a few shots of me marching around town. Sounds totally juvenile I do realize, but I'm not gonna lie, I felt super cool.

And there was a bystander who watched as if I was clearly a legit celeb. was glamour at its finest.

Don't be suprised if you see my mug slathered on the cover of Star or US Weekly.
Possible captions included:

"Stars, They're Just Like Us"
Hayley & A scurrying around for last minute Christmas errands.

Has she given up her contract with Versace? She was spotted around town in new Dolce & Gabana shades (not true, they're Ralph knock-offs from Ross).

Hayley attacks paparazzi with piercing words:
"I'm warning you! One more shot of my baby and my lawyer will be here in seconds flat."

Hayley's words:
"Fine, here's one to grace the centerfold of Star Sightings."

"That's it! We're done! The fact that you're in my passenger seat is a serious offense!"


Jennikunz said...

I love this!! What sister was visiting you? I want to come play like I'm a celeb... when can I come?

Matt and Jessie said...

Fun stuff. You will look totally hot on your People magazine cover! It was great to see you! Have fun at the cabin and have a safe trip back!!

Lucky 7s said...

You make me laugh... very fun! Have a great holiday season!

The Mostess said...

Someone reads Us Weekly...and that someone is you!! You are all too familiar with their 'Stars--they're just like us!' section.

Alie said...

you are really funny. i love that tag line... "stars, they're just like us..." i read that every time i go to the gym!!! hee hee