Friday, January 2, 2009

The Christmas Post...I'll be least in words.

What type of a Mormon Mommy Blogger would I be if I didn't rave about my fabulous Christmas and slather my blog with festive photos of my perfect daughter and so attractive husband as we celebrated the most precious time of the year?

That's right; I'd be kicked out of the club if I didn't brag about our joyous time. Here goes:


Saw the rip-roarin' rendition of the local theater's "A Christmas Carol":

A friendly gathering with friends from HS. So fun to see you & your cute families!

An attempt at a Bird Fam pic...this is the best we came up with:
Oh wait, maybe this one showcases our charm a bit better:

Lots of playing with this cute lil cuzzy:

The Bird Fam tradition of Santa Clause on Christmas Eve:

And who could forget Christmas Day?


Snowmobiling up to the cabin:


Worked on an endless puzzle, but just never gave up hope and it did get completed:

Cruised Price, UT up to Pinnacle Peak in Papa Atwood's Rhino...
now that was fun:

Tea Parties with this cute cuzzy:

Lots of snow play:

And although there is no pic to prove it, I was quite the Annie Oakley at shooting targets. I improved MUCHO from the last time we shot and I put a hole in the back of Dad A's truck...oopsies...still sorry about that one. This time there was no bodily harm to vehicles; just tin cans, pop cans, and wood blocks hanging from trees.

Thanks for such wonderful memories, families & friends!
We had loads of fun & love you all!


Matt and Jessie said...

I am glad you improved your target shooting! I think that would have been fun to watch! I hope that you guys had a fun trip back and again it was SO great to see you! I can't believe how much Avy has grown up! She is such an adorable little cutie!

The Mostess said...

Haha. Your family pics looks suspiciously similar to ours, especially the goofy one. Is it wrong that the joke one is my fave?

The Cardon's said...

LOVE it! but I must ask- why couldn't we play outside when you were here? I need a copy of the family pictures. That was too much fun! it was so much fun having you all here! Gald to hear you made it home safely! Love ya all so much!

whitethunder said...

oh the local shows in downtown Shelley Idaho. I'll never forget that the first show I went to there and probably the only they had an intermission and they went up and down the rows with baskets of candy. Skittles to be exact and I was kindly taught that night that in the high society of dramas, the candy is sold to make money and it not included in the price of the ticket. I was very sad when I didn't get my free skittles. Maybe that's why I didn't ever go back. One more scar to my life.