Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's the day I quit. --- Care to join me?

What am I quitting? Simple. Lard. Butter. The heavenly cream stick. Call it what you want, but I'll refer to it as my prize material posession. House on fire? Grab the butter. Burglar in the house? Take my cash stash, leave the lard. Flood? No worries, fat floats.

Here's the deal:

(Men readers, don't seem shocked that I'm discussing breast-feeding here. After all, if you read this I assume you have a wife or sister that has given life through home-made milk.) Continuing on.

I'll be honest. I was fortunate to have some good breast-feeding genes - thanks mom!- and could eat what I wanted and my milk-making body would use that energy for baby food. It was heaven!

I became a serious lover of butter. SERIOUS LOVER. It went on everything. And you know that etiquette rule where you're supposed to butter the broken off piece of bread right before it goes in your mouth? Well I did that...after I buttered the whole thing twice before. And then I'd put a little extra lard on the crust. Come on, who doesn't?

Anyway, since I no longer expend billions of calories a day on my own personal dairy farm, I need to stop consuming billions of calories.

I don't see myself being successful at giving up cookies or carbs or anything drastic. So it's just butter to start. And not butter completely, I'll still eat things with butter in it of course...I just won't be spreading it on everything I consume.

And so far I'm 1 for 1. As I slathered butter on A's pancakes this morning, I didn't give in. I didn't take a bite or lick the knife after I was done.

So my question to you:

Want to join? You don't have to give up butter, but surely there's SOMETHING your mind, body, spirit, or emotional health can do without?

clipping your fingernails & leaving them in the sink? (hint, hint)
talking on your cell phone while driving?
lindt truffles?
late bedtime?
whole bag of popcorn?
ill recycling habits?


MB Newson said...

do veggies count? I could maybe part with those. haha

But I'm with ya. I've been trying to write a book. I've made notes and it's all in my head, but i've only got maybe 3 pages's been oh, maybe a year. So I'm determined to MAKE time to do it instead of waiting for time to find me..
And when I'm rich and famous, I'll throw a little credit to my "support group". haahah

The Mostess said...

Wow, I'm remarkably without bad habits. I do talk on my cellie while driving, but I sue the speaker. No ticket officer.

Instead of butter, just grab some Earth Balance. It's tasty, and I use it in place of butter. Get the yummy whipped kind. Mmmmm.

The Mostess said...

Ha...I *use* the speaker, I don't sue it. I'm not the litigious kind.

hteuscher said...

licking the knife??? Love the pics of the butter squeezer! There are many things I probably should give up/ work on but none I am willing to put the effort towards....I will have to get back to you on something doable. Good luck ditching the butter!

Atwoods said...

if veggies are causing you grief in your life, then YES! ditch em. i support your book writing! include me in your acknowledgements.

true, you are w/o bad habits. afterall, if it were'nt for your whispy eyelashes...well, you'd be perfect.

the only reason i lick the knife is b/c i use my butter bell and the attachable little midgey knife is so cute and fat, how can i resist? :)

LJ and DC said...

Heheheh. I'm honest to goodness giving up cable. Or my cable bill. I'll still be watching the tellie on my computer. I have TV problems, so goodbye cable for 6 months. Lets hope I don't cave and call direcTV tomorrow to tell them to turn it back on.
Way to go Hay for saying goodbye to butter, you are a much better woman that me! Paula Deen taught me well!

The Cardon's said...

You crack me up! But good for you! I am sure there are lots of things I sould go with out but to date- if today is the 21st then I have officially gone 17 days with out cake, candy, cookies, pie, ice cream, candy, or soda. I always say I'm gonna start it "tomorrow" but "tomorrow" never comes so I finally just did it. Next I will try to not eat after 8 or 9 pm- but I am always starving at bedtime! what gives?

Matt and Jessie said...

I have a long list of things that I should give up! Yikes! I luckily don't like butter on pancakes and such, but I love the yummy treats that butter makes! I think I will have to give up the snacking after the kids go to bed! I will work on that one and we will see how that goes! Wish me luck! I will certainly need it!

Beckie said...

Butter? C'mon - it's only one letter away from BETTER which is a great description! I admire your conviction. But rather than ditch the stick, you should take up breast feeding again. She won't go to college for another 18 years! Hehe! No seriously, good for you! Let us know how it goes!

Ashley said...

I love the list of things to give up. How did you know all my ills? One of my ills is reading your savvy shopper posts and then wanting to buy everything.

The problem is everything I should give up is everything that makes me happy. And nice. (Not really, but I'm going with that for now.)

Alie said...

my goal is not to spend money and not eat more than 3 treats per week! I'll be thinking of you!

Stephanie said...

Hey Hayley, cute blog. All I gotta say is just be happy the fingernails end up IN THE SINK!

Natalie said... sad! This morning my little ones got the last of my milk. This was a good reminder that I no longer can eat my entire plate....and Dave's leftovers. I think for now my goal will be to get back to "normal" portion sizes!! Good luck with the butter!

Lucky 7s said...

You make me laugh! I need to give up food in general. hmmmm