Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello. My name is Hayley and I'm addicted to children's books.

There, I said it. I LOVE kids books and more than anything I LOVE to find them at stellar prices.

If you read my Dear Savvy Shopper blog, you know where this post is going.

I had originally promised you that I wouldn't mix-n-mingle the 2 blogs, but it becomes nearly impossible when I find a deal I'm passionate about.

So I wanted to give my local book-lovers a heads-up:

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, so this month, JANUARY 17TH, the Santa Clara Public Library... the big pretty one off of Homestead, near the big Central Park ... has their used book sale. Sometimes it's out on the sidewalk, but the lady at the Library told me this one would be in one of the inside back rooms starting at 10 am. The earlier you arrive, the better b/c the good books go fast.

And you don't have to show a library card or anything...just plop your dollars down and the books are yours.

Anywho, they generally have an awesome assortment of children's books to choose from, and I was able to score all of these for $5!!! Sometimes they have an early-bird special where you can fill a Trader Joe's bag for $'s a magical moment for me.

If you don't live here, but are interested, you should totally check your local library to see what they do with their "discard" pile.

Happy reading!


The Bock Family said...

Totally understand. As a teacher, I can't help but fall into this category. You should see Emma's bookshelves. And you'll like this one, I have two tall bookshelves filled with childrens books that I got! Yes, it's true. I ALWAYS did the scholastic book orders with my class every month (very faithful) because I got free books from it. Not too bad, huh??

The Mostess said...

I'm in! I love-love-love kids books. I'll go with on the 17th!

Lindsay said...

What a great find! I'm curious though how dirty and nasty the "discard pile" is??? Do I need to stock-up on $3 anti-bacterial soap before handling these guys?

LJ and DC said...

WOAH that's a score!