Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wacko Tobacco

If you're a smoker and you're reading this, I assume you already know that tobacco is harmful, right? You do understand that it's deadly, right? Okay, with that said, I can now write this post and not feel I am dropping a bomb on you.

So I was heading down the road today and an interesting phenomenon happened to catch my eye.

A young fella in an up-to-date car
... not an ancient elderly in a 20's Ford Model T ...
was smoking a pipe. So of course I think to myself,
"Self, why don't you see more pipe smokers around town? Why are all self-killers cigarette users?"

All I could come up with was laziness. I guess it's like when I want a steamed milk I head to the Bucks. Why pour myself a mug-o-milk and pop it in the microwave for 5 cents when I can swing by Starbucks drive-thru and have one made for me -with caramel mind you- for a few dollars?

Why stuff your own pipe when you can suck sweet cancer that's already prepared for you? You do the math.


whitethunder said...

I would much rather pip a pipe than pay for someone to touch my steamed milk. Milk should not be handled more than necessary or charged at 200% profit. Disease however can be thrown around in a fancy pipe and look cool. Personally I think more people should have cigars, a good stogie makes one look cool. Now with that said, I don't plan on ever trying the pipe or the Bucks.

The Mostess said...

Agreed, though I not-so-secretly love the smell of pipes and cigars!

Matt and Jessie said...

I did not know you could smoke a pipe while driving a car. I always picture pipe smoking going on in some place fancy with a lot of expensive decorations around. Maybe that is what the tabacco companies want me to think! AHH! They got me on that one!