Monday, January 26, 2009

Things that make me secretly smile

Shhhh.....don't tell anyone.

Pam & Jim

Family after-dinner dance sessions

Free contact case in contact solution box

Zac Efron

Pierce Brosnan

Thinking I'm out of TP only to find a fresh new roll waiting on the back of the tank

The smell of Tat's deodorant

When the tamale man knocks on my door & sells me tamales out of the back of his truck. Yummy dinner for cheap.....and no prep on my part......sweet.


The Mostess said...

We have totally different taste in men. And I'm not talkin' about Tat!

Tamale Man??? Send him my way, please. Just don't do the same with that weird Kirby vacuum guy.

Kyle and Melanie said...

Send the Tamale Man my way too!!! And, Jim and Pam make me smile as well. I was smiling ear to ear when they got engaged...

Matt and Jessie said...

Mmmmm those tamales look tasty! We need a tamale salesman in our neighborhood for sure!

Harts said...

Hey..what's Tamale? Don't snicker...I really don't know. Hmmm, I swear it used to be those little red candies

Stephanie said...

Where's my tamale man? I want dinner brought to my door! Although, I'd be a little hesitant I must admit.

Atwoods said...

no need to be hesitant, steph. we eat them often and seem to be just fine...with a few minor quirks.

The Mostess said...

But...Tyler would (and has) eaten anything. So, I remain somewhat suspicious.