Monday, January 5, 2009

Need a new lullabye?

Don't try this one.

On our way home from Utah, Avykins got a little tired and bored, as any good toddler or adult should after riding in the car for hours upon end, so her sweet Father tried his hand at the Lullabye writing and performing business.

There were only 3 repetitive notes, likely C, D, & E...and then C, D, & E again...and again...and again, so for the sake of a good song, put these words to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

As a point of reference, the following images show the stars of the song...Kitty and Ducky. Some of the pics are a bit Where's really have to look to see them.

The tune went a little something like this:

Avy loves her little cat,
She sleeps with it and puts it in her mouth.
She likes to play with it all day, but one day it turned into a real live cat.
So Daddy saw it in the backyard,
And shot it with his BB gun.
We don't like cats and we want them all dead,
But mommy said to Dad, "Don't kill that cat!"
So Daddy didn't really kill the cat,
He just pretended that he did.
And then Avy's Ducky and Kitty Cat,
Had a little baby named Quack-ety Cat.

Does this disturb anyone besides me? I think the most unsettling part of the performance was that Baby A really liked it and demanded an encore at the end by erupting in a pleasing applause. Hmmmm...


Matt and Jessie said...

Tyler should totally make a record of children's songs! All I can say is whatever keeps them happy on a long car trip is worth it, even if it warps them a little bit. Cute pics!

Harts said...

I thought it was kind of catchy, plus I hate cats so the song hit true to home for me (wipe a tear), any way, I make up songs like that for the kids all the's weird they seem to like it. Brand and I also made up a new one for the holidays...see if you can guess it..."Sir I wanna return these shoes, cause my momma died, and I now I need the money for a new video gaaaaame" not bad eh :)

The Cardon's said...

Thats good- I laughed all the way through it! It was fun having you guys home!

The Mostess said...

Hilarious. The song stays.

Meghan said...

Haha. Mark TOTALLY sings made-up songs to Reese all the time too! I have yet to write one down yet, and I probably should for posterity...

This one is a bit odd though, I must say. I'm sure Avy will have a good laugh about this one when she is older:).

Jennikunz said...

Oh Hayley, my dear sweet Cousin.,,, you are so flipping hilarious I want to die! All of your posts make me cry with laughter like grandma or your mom! Oh man! Keep 'em coming... please