Monday, January 19, 2009

Tyler's non-brownie point quote of the day

Since Little Red has been teething and experiencing the Pirate Poops, she's seen it appropriate to awaken at severely obscene hours of the morning.

Sunday night's conversation went a little something like this:

Tyler: Whose turn is it to hit the gym tomorrow morning?

Hayley: It's mine. Nobody went to the gym Saturday morning, we went on a family togetherness hike instead, remember? But since I took the early am shift, it's my turn for the gym on Mon.

Tyler: Um...I think I woke up with A on Saturday.

Hayley: You're kidding, right? Here's the breakdown:

4am- Hayley & Avy

5am- Tyler & Avy

6am- Hayley & Avy

And now for the quote of the day:

"Don't think that just because I stay in bed at 4am doesn't mean my sleep patterns aren't disrupted when you 2 get up"-Tyler Atwood.

Really, Tat? Did we disrupt your precious sleep patterns at 4-in-the-freakin-morning?
Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive us?

Disrupted sleep patterns...HA!!!


The Atwood's said...

I knew that positive last blog couldn't last forever! Ha. J/k Tell him, Jake would get up with our kids every morning and never complain - he should learn from his brother! :) j/k again. Sorry for all the poops you're experiencing.

Matt and Jessie said...

I am sorry for the lack of sleep! Poor little Avy! I feel bad for her! Teething can be so misrable! Hopefully you get a nice long nap today so that when Tyler comes home from work, he will have found his way out of the doghouse! : ) You left us all hanging! Who ended up at the gym?

Atwoods said...

good q, jess...tyler just returned home from the gym. you better believe that tomorrow is my day with NO EXCEPTIONS!

mormonmommyblogs said...

This blog has been added to the sweeter side on the MMB. Thanks and welcome!

David and Kira Bowen said...

Love your posts Hayley - funny!

hteuscher said...

The best part is I can totally see Tyler saying that completely serious. I hope baby A gets well soon, you both deserve naps!

The Mostess said...

You need to pull the same card I do...."be careful what you say--I'm going to blog about this!!

H, obviously you *are* disrupting him. Perhaps you could try and be a little more on the quiet side.

Atwoods said...


no, i see no need to lower my noise level in the morning. if i'm going to be up being a saintly mom at 4am, everyone will be hearing about it via barney, pots & pans, keyboard clicking, and the washing machine. watch out, you don't live too far from me :)

MB Newson said...

You're killing me. That sounds like a conversation I would have with Nate (my husband), if we had kids. seriously.

Lindsey said...

I have had this conversation at least 100 times in the last 3 weeks...funny.

sorry for the lack of sleep for everyone lately!

The Mostess said...

Are you serious?? You must be sleep deprived!!

I was totally kidding when I said you needed to "be a little more on the quiet side."

That was a dig at Tyler. And now, as you can see, I'm not kidding. ;)

Tyler said...


I understand.


Kevin and Kristina said...

I LOVE IT! That exact quote has been used many many mornings at my house too :)

The Cardon's said...

Your blogs are aloways good to get me laughing in the morn! ESPECIALLY today- Cannon woke up just before 2 we played till about 4 Xan woke up just as Can dozed off we snuggled and sang for an hour then I had to pass the reins to Mike I just couldn't take it anymore. THey did their thing till 6:30ish and the Cannon was back up shortly after that. I am a total ZOMBIE today! Good luck to you!