Monday, January 12, 2009

New tricks at Casa de Atwood

Homegirl is such a little lady these days. The following contains supporting proof:

1- This week she has become obsessed with not only peeling her own oranges, but also chucking the remains in the garbage like a responsible little lady.

2- She has recently fallen in love with her princess dress-up gear and loves wearing it around the castle, like an elegant little human.

3- I have no pic to prove this one, just take my word for it. She loves to tell me when she's about to do a number in her diaper. Yes, she grabs her little diapered buns and says, "Momma. Poo-Poo." Now that's lady-like.


The Mostess said...

What a classy gal. That pertains mostly to the part where she wears princes togs and throws things in the garbage...not so much on the stinky buns tip.

hteuscher said...

It was THE cutest thing to watch her peeling an orange, and she has the cutest little concentration face! And bonus points for the garbage can:)

Matt and Jessie said...

She is growing up too fast! I love the princess picture! It almost makes me want to have a little girl. Glad to see that she cleans up after herself!