Saturday, December 6, 2008

From sweet children frolickin' downright dirty gamblin'

While the sun was out, our day was spent ooo-ing & aww-ing over geese, chickens, newborn baby chicks & enjoying a beautifully sunny day at the park with innocent, precious babes. No harm in a jolly day with the good ol' playgroup.

(Moms, the rest can be seen HERE. Let me know if you don't know the password hint.)

However, when the sun set, all darkness arose as we gathered in the Pharris Saloon. Here's the poem I wrote in honor of Old Man Pharris' 30th Birthday Celebration...


'Twas a dimly lit ambience as we entered the room,

The smell of smoke and lies in the Pharris Saloon.

The table was set for the night of Poker,
First thing first, we must remove the Joker.

I believe the name of the game was Texas Hold 'Em,

Our spoils were made up of sweet treats and old gum.

There was cheating...

There was accusing...

There was even heavy drinkin' (no worries, it was Weinhards RB),

As Old Man Pharris racked his old brain with some thinkin'.

Nobody knew which candy belonged to who,

However it was mysterious how the Atwood's pile just grew & grew.

There were card castles by Alie,


And even sweet spectator Baby twins,

And the Kearls had to leave early, but were nice enough to leave their wins.

By the end of the party, there had been no raucous fights,

Thanks to the Brian & Sarah for the Best Candy Poker Night!

(All party pics can be seen HERE.)


The Mostess said...

Look sucka's....just because I'm the greatest poker player that EVER lived, and I happened to give a little guidance to poor poker-challenged Lindsey, that does not make me a cheater. It makes Lindsey the cheater. Please direct your anger towards her. :)

That party was so much fun...see you all tonight, where we can trash-talk about our gingerbread houses!

Harts said...

Hey so I updated my friends list and for some reason about five of my friends went missing (not sure where they went to but I am slowly finding them again). So today I got your comment and realized your name had run away from my friends list. I laughed my head off at your list on your hubby, the traffic thing was the best thing I have ever seen...ever. It's so great that as she talks to him he keeps directing traffic, priceless. Oh and the worms and abnormally white bit...laugh laugh laugh! Any way, you never sent me your address so I can send you a card. In case you forgot

Oh and the guy holding the twins in your last post..totally looks like Andy Bernard off of Office :)

Jenni said...

Hmmm. A fan of gambling are you? It looks like I'll have to teach you how to play Fours and Whores sometime. I won many a hand in my days with Casino Sissy.