Thursday, October 9, 2008

You really should get yourself an Uncle Austy.

Avy LOVES her Uncle Austy.

One beautiful summer Saturday afternoon Tat & I both had lots going on and called upon our dear live-in manny to care for our little pumpkin.

He took her to the Santa Clara Arts & Wine Festival and bought her these cute little fairy wings. He took some pics of her too and clearly she was the happiest little child in the park.

She loves her little butterfly fairy wings and brings them to me multiple times a day, does the sign for please, then flaps her hands as if she's flying, I put the wings on her, she smiles a huge grin, then she runs off into fairyland happiness.

Here are some pictures of the Royal Cuteness in her wings.

The End.


The Mostess said...

Logan also thinks Uncle Austy rules!! Roof!

hteuscher said...

Sooo cute! I want an Uncle Austy!!! .....did that sound creepy? He seriously is the best Uncle EVER! others would only be so lucky!

Jennikunz said...

where can I get an Uncle Austy... is an uncle Austy better then a cousin Austy?