Friday, October 17, 2008

All In A Day's Work

When Avy woke up yesterday morning, first thing first, she made herself a "To Do List."

These are the items she jotted down...and fully accomplished:

Avy's To Do List
1- poop in the tub...check
2- wipe my lasagna-saturated hands all over the bathroom wall...check
3- wipe my lasagna-saturated hands all over Mom's shorts & the back of her shirt...check
4- fall off the porch step & onto the concrete sidewalk...check
5- whine, fuss, & scream the whole time Mom takes me on a 4.5 mile hike...check
6- squish Nutri-Grain bar in my hand, wipe my hands on my bum, then sit down in the dirt, thus leaving a lovely macrame of dirt-art on my caboose...check, check, check
7- show utter disgust when Mom offers me a new type of juice, and then boycott libations of any kind the rest of the day...check, check
8- insist on wearing my new pumpkin hat and fairy wings all morning...check... and continue to insist on wearing the hot, knitted pumpkin hat on our 150-ish degree hike...check

If only I could check off as many items on my "TO DO" list as this One Woman Wonder.


Candi said...

I feel the same way! Your little one is beautiful!

Jen said...

That hat is darling! Which pumpkin patch did you take her to? The pictures are too cute.

Kyle and Melanie said...

Such a cute blog. I love it. And I am glad you found me. Maybe I will just have to add you as one of my "Friends" on our blog. :)

Johnson Family said...

That is so funny. She is such a cutie pie!

Yates Family said...

THat is so HIlarious!! What would be do without or kids?? OUr days would be so boring!!! Love ya Hayley. BRie

Benjamin & Shanae Lee said...

I love reading your blog! It sounds like an adventure every day for you and your family!

LJ and DC said...

Hillarious! Dude, that little girl's a worker!