Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tyler's a lucky man...

He just happens to be related to not 1, but 2 movie stars. Yes, his lovely wife and his adorable daughter made their TV debut appearance yesterday.

This is pretty much what we looked like:

So my good friend works at ABC studios in San Fran for the show "The View From the Bay" and she asked Avy to be one of the "models" for the kids Halloween Fashion Show. It was SO fun!

Avy, Hayley, Crystal

She was a lovely little daisy flower. The costume was too small, so the petal hat part wouldn't snap on her head and she wouldn't leave it on. Oh well, she was of course a cutie-pie anyway.

She loved cruising up and down the hallways, of course carrying her kitty purse like a true-lady.

Here's the link to watch if you're interested. We come on as the 3rd couple.

(if I can figure out how to put the video directly on here, I'll redo it, but until I get tech-savvy, here's the link)

Thanks for a fun day, Crystal!!!


Rufuz and Kare said...

I'm so proud of your tv debut! I now know a celebrity. Hey let me know your email address cause we're going to block our blog.

The Atwood's said...

That's so funny! Avy didn't like the stage too much did she? But she was sooooo cute! :) You both looked so darn cute though, I especially love your boots. Are those the ones you bought last Thanksgiving during the shop-a-thon? You guys will be on the Hollywood walk of fame in no time!

The Mostess said...

Hot boots Mamma!

Avy has plenty 'o' time to learn to work that runway!

Jennikunz said...

Your lookin smokin hot!!

Fielding Family said...

well it is frost but the day before we had alot of snow the kids loved it but then it warmed up later in the day and melted.