Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Go Elder Ballard!

I think one of my favorite parts of the Proposition 8 broadcast tonight was hearing Elder Ballard use the words "text, podcast, blog" and my personal favorite "twitter".

Elder down-wit-da-slang Ballard asked us to post our views, get the word out, and encourage others to educate themselves on Prop 8. Since texting costs me moola, I don't podcast, and I have no idea what twitter means, you get the goods on my blog!

And so begins the novel on my thoughts of Proposition 8:

For you out-of-staters, Prop 8 is an Amendment to the Cali Constitution that we will be voting on in will redefine marriage as being only between a man and a woman. Currently, homosexual marriage is legal in California.

In 2000, Cali voters passed Prop 22, which stated that marriage is between a man & a woman, but then several months ago, the CA Supreme Court overturned it without seeking a vote or consent from the peeps of California. Let's all say "Goodbye Democracy" on 3. 1..2..3..

Besides the fact that the S.C. made a HUGE decision without MY consent or input, there are several other reasons why I believe we need an amendment to the current law.

Here are 2 of the biggies:

1- don't want my sweet, beautiful, innocent little Avy to hear at school, from teachers that she respects, that homosexuality is normal and just as acceptable as heterosexuality
(not that Avykins needs to live in a bubble, but it's not the school's job or even right to teach what it believes to be moral or immoral...state supported education is for reading, writing, arithmetic, and of course hopscotch).

2- biggest reason of all...I whole-heartedly support our religious leaders and agree with them that marriage is a special, sacred, and oh-so-fun institution that is ordained of God. Marriage is essential to His plan.

By the way - to EVERYONE reading this, regardless of your state of residence - I have several more call sheets I am responsible for getting volunteers for. They don't have to be officially turned in until October 15. So here comes the hefty plea for help...........HELP ME! Take a few sheets off my hands, make some calls, or for some of you, make some more calls, and I'll make you sugary goodness in return - YUM! You, yes YOU, could take part in this very historical effort.
(I'm responsible for getting volunteers to make phone calls to Santa Clara voters in our ward boundaries and taking a simple poll about their voting status on Prop 8. )

So there. My rant for Yes on Prop 8.

Think I'll go google twitter.


The Atwood's said...

Word! I'm down wich ya. You got the 411 girl, that fo sho!

Ashley said...

I also laughed when he said "Twitter."

I can come by for more sheets tomorrow on my way home from seminary. Let me know if that doesn't work. You can leave them outside if you don't want to see my ugly mug.

hteuscher said...

Nicely Put!

Jen said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Hayley. . . Definitely nicely put!

rick said...

Why hello Hayley its your liberal cousin Rick.. My question is how come its only California that we here our church coming out on this? why not other states? Is that the only state where the gays can get married? I didn't think so.. But because i don't live in your great state i don't know the rules please help me answer them... Just between me and you and all of your readers i think its a little strange.. Love ya!

The Atwoods said...

Ricker - good question my liberal cousin :) (I'll post my answer here in case others have the same Q)

Currently, gay marriage is only legal in California & Massachusetts. I'm sure when it was on the ballot in MA, the Church probably had its members participate as it is now having California church members do. (is that right, my former Massachusetts friends?) Since the CA Supreme Court recently made gay marriage legal in CA, a coalition of churches and other organizations have formed the "Yes on Proposition 8" Campaign to put the issue back on the ballot and allow CA voters to decide if we as a population want it legal or not. We're voting on the issue in November, so that's why it's become a huge thing recently. Did my long answer quench your appetite for more? Hope so. How's Portland? Love you!

Tammy said...

I just joined Twitter last can follow me if you want - I'm Greenjello54. I'd be happy to help you make, but due tomorrow? Yikes. I failed to get me a new calling sheet on Saturday, so someone needs to slap my hand.