Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who is this weirdy?

May I refer you to the most hilarious post ever known to mankind? Check out Austin's "Monday lover's fun" post. You can't read it and not laugh...impossible.


whitethunder said...

Who is this charlie brown? White Thunder is the only person I know that somewhat reminds me of this coook. I'm sure Austin isn't his real name, names are always changed to protect the innocent, just ask Dragnet.

Harts said...

Ok don't tell me you forgot our famouse sassofrat! You know, Goofy Movie, c' it coming back to you now (pause), ok good to see you remember.
Ok so how the heck are you! You look great and your little girl is so adorable! I was wondering what happened to you, I mean I haven't heard from you in like 8 years! (thank heaven for blogs, or we would have never found each other, phew.)
Ok so Brandon (my hubby) and I are HUGE "Office" fans. I love how Michael hates Toby,
"Toby...I hate so much... about the things you choose to be." ha ha ha..."Fact: Bears. Eat. Beets."
Or one of my personal fav was when Micheal and Jan were fighting and he was like, "Ha Ha...Ha Ha, you are the devil," and they are both laughing like loons. Such a great show. Any way, I am sure I have talked your ear off, but I am so glad to have found ya! Keep in touch lots okee dokee :)

Johnson Family said...

Hayley so good to hear from you! Your little girl is so cute. Love the red hair! So California hu. That sounds like a lot of fun. What took you there? Justin and I have lived away from home for the last eight years and just now are moving back home. It feels great!! I'm so glad you found my blog! We will for sure keep in touch!

Benjamin & Shanae Lee said...

Hayley! I am glad to hear your doing great. I have not seen you since we graduated. I asked my mom if she knew what you were up to, but she said she just knew you were married and living in Cali. I am sad to hear that you were in NY in May and we were here too. We are just here until next May and then we are moving again. I hope my hubby gets a job close to my family and his. Will you go home for Christmas this year? We might be going and maybe we can get a group of us to hang out and catch up. It was nice seeing your blog and your cute family! Keep in Touch!

Jennikunz said...

Real moms are so much better then fake ones!