Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Rather than authoring a travelouge about our jaunt up to Idaho & Utah, I'll share the fun via pics...lots of pics.

In conclusion, we can deduce from these images that Avy-cakes is definitely a GIRL!

Besides pushing strollers all day, carrying baby dolls that double her in weight, and wiggling anything that remotely resembled a purse up her arm, Avy also played with cousins, explored the Price, UT Dinosaur museum, played at Thanksgiving Point, and watched her Daddy-o help build a shed for Jodi & Steve. Good times!


hteuscher said...

So when you said "shed" I assumed something resembling a small room - what that picture looks like is a small HOUSE!! Go Tyler!!!! SO glad you are back:)

The Atwoods said...

yeah, when i heard shed, i thought something like what's in our backyard too...this structure resembles a mini-temple :) glad to be back...can't wait to play!

whitethunder said...

So do I have to be the first one to say I wish you would have stayed longer? No, it's joke, I love having you around. Especially since AVY is so cute and fun. Plus Hayley has had some excellent dinner plates for me. I missed you and am glad you are home even if I missed out on all the fun.

derrickandlisadye said...

Hayley!! I'm so glad you found my blog. I am a computer retard and so if someone doesn't find me i'll never find them. I'm glad you wrote. Your blog is hilarious. Your family is darling!! Little Avy is adorable. Does Tyler have red hair? Anyway, so cute. Warning: I am not a very good blogger. My kids keep me so busy I'm lucky to post once a month. Pretty boring I know. Plus I am prego again so I've been pretty sick and not feeling up to anything. By the way, you look so great!!!!