Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unanswered Questions:

I realize that my blog is often packed with totally exciting, riveting, and edge-of-the-seat type information and questions, and I've undoubtedly left you hanging on a few topics. Let's put some closure to them right now.

1- Jaxon's Cal Ripken Jr. World Series Adventure

They ended up winning 4 games and losing 3. Since they lost by so many runs in one of the games, they were taken out of the running for the championship. The team from Jupiter, Florida ended up taking the title. Regardless, they had a fantastic time and a great experience. My parents both went (Dad is one of the coaches) and they had a blast too. My Dad's favorite part (besides watching his superstar son) was definitely the fields they played on...they were all miniture versions of professional fields. He said they were way awesome. I think my Mom's favorite part (besides watching her superstar son) was going to Amish Country.

(side note: I don't blame her. I love the Amish! When we were in Ohio, all I wanted to do was watch the Amish. Tyler and I want to go live as the Amish for a month or 2. Can't you see him hoe-ing his fields as I carry baskets full of goods from the local mercantile? Little Avy-bumpkin will of course be skipping along behind me in her fashionable hand-sewn dress, apron and bonnet...but I digress)

My mom calls me from Amish country in Pennsylvania, where the town is called Intercourse, and she says, "I loved Intercourse!" TMI, Mom, TMI.

2- The Fruit Flies

I tried it all. Rotten banana in a bottle with a home-made paper funnel; lame. Apple cider vinegar in a bowl with hole-poked saran wrap over the top; stinky. Vacuuming every hour on the hour; exhausting and useless. Ghetto taping my window seals so the buggers can't get in; well, ghetto, and a waste of tape. So what was finally the cure you may ask? OSH actually sells a concoction to kill fruit flies! Who knew???

3- The Man Eating on the Toilet

*READER BEWARE* This is a true and oh so wrong story...Consider yourself warned.

So it's a beautiful morning at the Atwood house with the glistening sun beaming through the kitchen window. Tyler comes into the kitchen, I tell him I've got his breakfast for him, he tells me he needs to use the restroom, next thing I know...Tyler's marching down the hallway and his bowl is missing from the table!!! You do the math. I go hollering and chasing after him at a rapid rate and he sees absolutely nothing wrong with what he had in mind. His reasoning, "Nothing will get on my food. My food and my business are totally separated. I'll finish eating before I know." My response, "Absolutely not."

YUMMY!!! (don't be fooled...this isn't a typical Atwood breakfast, just a lovely pic I found online to add a splash of color to this post)

4- Archuleta vs NKOTB

Clearly the winner of this little battle Kaari and I had going on is...well, me of course. There was a bit of a tie, but it was cleared up by a verbal poll. Go Davey!


hteuscher said...

First - I can totally see you as Amish! and you even have the bread recipe and everything!

Second - So glad to hear about the fruit flies

Third - Just Gross, glad you enlightened him

Fourth - Wonder what the outcome would have been had the poll been on Kaaris blog? I think you David fans/Archies or whatever you call yourselves congregate cause honestly he looks like he is two.

whitethunder said...

The anticipation was killing me. Finally I can sleep at night.

The Atwoods said...

c'mon teuscher, let's be realistic...can you admit he at least looks to be the rightful age of 11 possibly pushing 12?

Rusty and Tara said...

Your blog always makes me laugh. You should think about getting a syndicated newspaper column--you'd be famous in no time!

The Mostess said...

"Camp Archie" is sparse...the only "members" are 12 year old girls, and, well, sad little Hayley.

A tie is a tie is a verbal confirmations allowed to swing the tally either way!

NKOTB 4-Eva!