Sunday, August 10, 2008

my SuPeRsTaR brother

My little brother Jaxon is currently playing ball in the Cal Ripken Jr. World Series in Maryland. How cool is that? Here's the link if any family or friends are interested in listening to any of the games:

The site has their schedule and updates on it.

Cal Ripken Sr. Yard

The championship games will be televised (not totally sure yet which station). Hopefully they play in those games!!!
A few facts:
- first time the Spud State has been represented at the Cal Ripken Jr. World Series
- International teams:
Mexico - Dominican Republic - Korea - Japan - Canada - Austrailia
- U.S. teams:
Charles County, Maryland - Baxter, Minnesota - Kenner, Louisiana
College Point, New York - New Canaan, Connecticut - Bel Air, Maryland
Bakersfield, California - Jupiter, Florida - Idaho Falls, Idaho - Lexington, Kentucky
- Jaxon is the only Shelley boy on the team...the rest are IF boys
-They've won their 1st game and are playing their 2nd right now
-Despite what Austin tells you, Jax gets his mad ball skills from his favorite sibling...Hayley.


whitethunder said...

Ode to Jaxon, he is the greatest sibling ever. And if it weren't for me striking him out and making him tough, he'd never be able to acheive such greatness. Where were you during all those games? Exactly, on the bench. Hate to break it to you but Thor for life!

Rusty and Tara said...

That is so stinkin cool! Make sure you post and let us know how it all turns out.