Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some call it dumpster diving.....I call it sheer brilliance.

As the title says, "Some Call it Dumpster Diving."

Here's the story:

Our city does a community spring clean-up every year.
Each zone of the city has a certain week where we throw our old crap out on the curb, and then a few days later big city trucks & bulldozers come clean it up.

You can usually count on the creeps from Creepsville Central crawling out of their hiding places to dig through the junk and load up their trucks before the city haulers come by.

Go ahead & count on the Atwoods to join the kooks.

Shame? I have none.

Self-pride? Never heard of it.

Embarrassment? On the contrary, I'm quite proud.

In fact, I actually had a full on conversation with a man whose pile I was perusing.
Very friendly chap.

I'm sure you're thinking, "Wow, the A-Team has scored a new low."

Not true.
We're just smarter than the average consumer.

Why pay $49.99 for a slide when a perfectly good used one for 0 dollars works just as well?
Why pay $44.99 for a darling picnic table when I can snag one for zip?
Why pay $43 for a new Little Tikes bike when girlfriend will grow out of it in a year?

Answer me those questions & I will quell my rummaging in the future.

Here's what we scored
for absolutely FREE!

I love that my friends think of us when city clean-up comes to town.
Thanks for all the leads, KJ!


The Mostess said...

Seriously...I took copious notes on the walk:

1. The goods--what's up for grabs?
2. The location
3. The house it came from--is it clean? is it creepy? are these people normal? will Clorox make it all better?
4. Call H with the deets.

All in a day's work baby!!

Ashley said...

Funny bc I was totally shaking my head at all the creepy crawlers cruising around the junk piles the other day, but your stuff is stellar! Who throws away such good things? We have that slide. I think it was close to $100 or something (Grandma bought it). It is my kids' number one favorite toy. Nice work.

LJ and DC said...

Having lived 20 years in Santa Clara I can tell you that there is no shame to going throught the trash piles. All of our friends and neighbors put stuff out specifically that we thought other people would want and left it on the tops or sides of the piles so that people could easily access it. That's what its for silly! We scored many a bicycle from trash week.
Though yes, a lot of those creepy crawlers will go through and take that stuff immediately to the flea market. Think about that the next time you peruse the flea!

LJ and DC said...

and ps. congrats on your super score!

Matt and Jessie said...

That stuff was in the trash? Crazy! I think that dumpster diving refers to things that should actually be in a dumpster. I would say you scored big time!

Harts said...

Such brilliance! I am all about free goods! Even if I someday have mounds of money, I will still go to the DI and Kid2Kid for things. I mean, a good deal is a good deal right? Great finds Sassofrat!

The Atwood's said...

You know we've been dumpster diving for YEARS so I am with you - there is no shame. Like they say, "One man's garbage is another mans potporri!" That's how I received 2 beautiful, new bedside stands for free (dumpster wood makes anything)! Love the post. I put a few more pics of Daxlee up tonight so take a gander.

derrickandlisadye said...

I love it, that's hilarious. And why not? I love free stuff too. And the pic. of you and Tyler is great, it reminds me a certain picture from a certain high school dance.... are ya with me? White trash never looked sexier! I'm just glad you scored big.

natabird said...

Good job. I would totally do the same thing if Lehi did that. Used and free is better than new and pricey.

Kristine Gray said...

Dang, you're good.

Kyle and Melanie said...

Sheer Brilliance it is!!! We scored a really nice dresser last year out of our own dumpster!. I say, if it's still good enough to use, then it is totally worth it, right? Great job!!!

jjk said...

Hay, you totally scored! Good work! I appreciate your dumpster diving..I am all about free stuff! Looks like Ty had a great birthday too. My hubby asks for that same thing every year, I need to take some notes from you. By the way, how is his toe?