Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Proper Gym Etiquette

This post is for the gal on the eliptical next to mine:

Sweetie, I'm sure you're a doll & a very nice person...
you just need a bit of training on proper gym etiquette.

I'll take on this responsibility.

If you're sick- ie: coughing & sneezing & sniffling-
then please refrain from public incubating grounds --- like a gym.

For all I know, the girl 2 feet away from me making all these disgusting sounds may have
SARS ,or even Bird Flu.

Something I do know is that whatever you've got, I am not interested in sharing your
communicable disease.

If you must work-out despite your ailment,
I applaud your strength & determination.
However, rather than infesting me & others around, maybe you could stop the spread...

3- wearing this:

or this:

or for an even better sweat session, maybe even this?

Just some food for thought.
And that concludes our Gym Etiquette Session.


Matt and Jessie said...

Makes ya wonder who was on the machine before you! Yikes! When I used to go to Apple, I would hose down the machines with whatever cleaner was available at the time. Sweat is bad enough, but you don't need snot, flem, and all kinds of bacteria all over everything!

Harts said...

gross, I (knowing the nice girl that I am...not realkly), would of probably said loudly..."Hey everyone, good to see you here working out so we can stay strong and healthy...sure want to stay healthy...much better than coughing and having my nose drip all over everything...OK, that's all...just wanna stay healthy." And then I would have just looked at her....yes yes that is absolutely what I would have done.
(Hey Kari Hess left me a comment on my blog and I can't find her blog address anywhere or you have it)?

Tara said...

ummm...your blog is playing "we wish you a merry christmas"

Erin said...

Your blog is too much fun to read. I just wanted to express this and tell you to keep up the good work. This post was super funny! Disgusting as well though. Happy blogging!!!

Atwoods said...

jess, agreed. a stranger's body water & salt are gross enough, no need for other goodies.

val, i did turn my head and grab my water bottle everytime she made noise, but it wan't rude enough. she kept going. next time i'll enforce your tactics. also, i do have kari's blog, but it's private. i'll leave her a comment and tell her to get in touch with you.

tara, I KNOW! i always turn the sound off and have totally forgotten about the little player on the side. i'll fix that for ya asap :)

erin, glad you enjoy it! it's my outlet for expressing all the little conversations i have with myself throughout the day. i don't feel so crazy when people validate my quirks :)

The Mostess said...

I don't want to join the gym you and Alie go to.

Becca said...

Too funny!!!! My biggest problem at the gym is people who sit on the same machine throughout my whole workout (I workout for about 30 minutes) and people who sweat profusely and don't clean it up. Thankfully I haven't encountered many sick people at my gym.