Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cross-Cultural Communication

So let me preface...
One of the perks about having a beaming red-head child is the attention I get. We refer to Avykins as our Celebrity Baby. Since she's been born, she has ALWAYS drawn a crowd thanks to the stunning locks of beauty on top o' thee head.
I mean obviously, look at her:

So today we were hiking and on the way back down the hill I get stopped by an elderly English fella. He says to me, in a very thick English accent, very...v..e..r..y...slowly and in a very low tone:

"Where... did you make... such a beautiful... little doll?
Holy Smokes!"

My immediate response, because I live the life of an open book and am willing to share truth in all things was to start telling the inquisitive Old Pip about the fateful day in December of 2006, but then I quickly realized I may be encountering a moment of intercultural miscommunication.

So instead I just smiled and said, "Oh. Yes, thanks. She is beautiful."

And went on my merry way.

I guess that BA in Communication Studies finally did come in handy.
Thanks be to Dr. Wenshu Lee for saving me from a possibly awkward, never to recover from moment.


The Mostess said...
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The Mostess said...

Good call.

I think he really meant " created such a beautiful baby...cause you're also super hot."

Matt and Jessie said...

She is such a doll! I just love how she is so much like you!

Becca said...

She really does have extremely bright hair. I would probably do a double take but I am way too shy to go up to strangers and say anything.

Kristine Gray said...

Redheads Rule!! She's the cutest little ginger around!