Friday, February 13, 2009

What the world, needs now.......Part 2 LOVE, sweet Love. And Avy has been feeling it.

Today was one big Heart Day fest for Little Red.

Exhibit A:
She hosted a little V-Day party for her playgroup today.
There was cookie decorating, lots of sugar eating, & of course the creation of beautiful Valentine's.

Exhibit B:
Avy's friends threw a Little Cupid Valentine Party. So Cute!
She made Valentine's for all her little people.
Carefully packed them in a transporting vessel.
Decorated a drop box for all her collectibles.
Traded goods with her friends.
Ate goods from her friends.
And found time to pose for a quick pic with Mom.

Way to share the Love, Avykins. Way to share the Love.


Harts said...

Hay Hay, you are always so creative and cute with your party ideas. I seriously want to move close to you just to be invited to your parties :) SO FUN

Jenni said...

I love the last pic... something tells me she's not feeling it =)

And your new header picture is great! Haven't we all sneaked up to the cupboard before?

The Mostess said...

So cute---she looks so big!

Atwoods said...

well kaari, you have been gone several days now, of course she's bigger. which, btw, avy has been LOVING having Logan around more.

The Mostess said...

I'm sure she did! I will drop off Uncle Austin's duckets tomorrow. He looked like he had a good time with Team Bird! :)