Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Tale of Tat's Toe

If you know the story of Tat's toe fungi, feel free to skip this post. If not, here's some good entertainment for you, courtesy of Tyler A.

So he's had some nasty toe fungus going on for as long as I can remember. I finally talked him into going to the Doc & having the MD check it out and cure the nastiness.

Tat goes to the Dr. He discusses his toenail fungus.

This is what physician reports:
"To cure this you will need this special medicine. It costs about $750. And no, insurance doesn't cover it."

So of course Tat comes home with his toenail in tact & no medicine to cure it.

Later that evening:
It's time for bed and I walk into the bathroom to bid Tyler adieu. What do I find as I enter the room?
Here's the scene:
Tat has his left foot up on the counter. He's looking a little woozy and pale.
He is digging into his toe with the COMPLETELY-UNSANITARY-OLD-RUSTY toenail clipper dagger, with blood running all over the counter. Oh yes, and his toenail is half-off. It is now completely removed.

You can imagine my disgust. When I ask if he's lost his mind, his response was something to the effect of, "I'm not paying $750 for medicine when I can solve the problem for free."

Awesome, hun. Awesome.

My friend Kaari emailed me this pic of a cake she found on-line and titled it "Tat's next cake."
Anyone want a slice? I call the big yellow toe.

Anyone who sees no difference between the male & female species can come spend 1 day at the Atwood ranch.......I guarantee your opinion shall change.


The Mostess said...

I still want to barf just looking at that cake again.

I would have coughed up the $750...

Kristine Gray said...

I still can't believe insurance wouldn't pay for that! He should of taken up a collection-Tat's Fungus Fund.

Harts said...

seriously gross...I almost got woozy reading the part where he removed his toenail himself...but I quickly recovered because who wants to spend $750 on a freaking toenail. Go TAT! Glad you didn't pass out though, that could of been super know, cause this post isn't embarrassing enough ha ha ha ;)

LJ and DC said...

uh, wow, he's pulling the nail off on his own?! Is that what the doc said they'd do??? That's gross, but man you've got to hand it to Tyler, that's a dude made of steel. That must have hurt SO SO SO BAD!!!!
WOW. Maybe he should call Bishop Francis for his professional podiatrist advice, or is the nail already gone?

Atwoods said...

the nail is gone. and the doc wasn't going to remove it, just give some meds that would clear up the fungus.

i've resorted to the fact that there are some things about my "man made of steel" that i'll just never understand. and i'm okay with that. removing one's own body parts is one of those things.

Jenni said...

Hayley, after I heard this story at the party, I kept thinking about and thinking about it and thinking about it. And then I wanted to talk to you about it at church, but you were not there that day. Probably I'm more interested in the technical details of this stunt because I actually worked for Dr. Francis and have seen a toenail removal (which, incidentally, is the only surgery that I've ever seen that actually made me faint) and know a thing or two about toenails. So here are my two thought that I have been wanting to share with you. Number one: I believe (and I could be wrong) that the fungus comes from the nail bed, not the toenail itself. So, I don't think removing the toenail is guaranteed to get rid of it. In which case, all of Tyler's effort and pain would be for naught. Please keep me posted on whether the fungus returns or not. I would feel very bad if you were both traumatized in vain. My second thought: If you damage the nail bed, you can permanently disfigure your nail. It will not grow in the same as before. So, if, in the process of removing the nail, Tyler damaged his nail bed he will probably have a gross-looking toenail anyway. In which case all of his efforts and pain would, again, be for naught because the nail will still look gross. Again, please keep me posted on this aspect as well. I know this is a long comment. And I'm probably weird for putting so much thought into this. But, weird or not, it's been on my mind and it feels really good to get these thoughts down on paper . . .or the blogosphere.

Matt and Jessie said...

My stomach flipped so many times in reading this post! I am glad that there was not a real picture because I may have lost my lunch! Just think of the shopping spree you can now have because Tyler took one for the team!

Kyle and Melanie said...

I am not going to be able to eat cake for a long time - thanks to Kaari's find. But, you have one tough must be seriously proud of him!!! I hope it heals well.

Atwoods said...

I love how you are all complimenting my husband on his "bravery" and "man of steel" physique.

quite honestly, i call it "insanity & cheapskate."

McDonalds said...

This actually reminds me far too much of a couple of toe infections I had as a child. However, it was not me who decided to take the medical profession into my own hands. It was my dad. Here is what I remember on both occasions (the second time I kept a secret way too long...until I could not wear shoes to school...because I did not want to relive experience #1): bottles of hydrogen peroxide poured and jammed into my toe, a razor blade because the toe nail clippers were not doing the job, about 300 cutips, a sautering tool (to cauterize the wound), my dad sitting on my leg (to keep it steady and so I would not kick him), my screaming bloody murder and trying to force myself to wet my pants so I would have a better reason to escape. It was awful and I feel really bad for your husband. His toe is probably throbbing with pain. (I am a firm believer in the morphine pump...oh, and using a licenced medical practicioner for even mildly invasive surgery). One last note, make sure Avy never gets a foot that Tat knows he can perform surgery, to save almost a grand, he might do it again. My dad, the push-over for his kids, teddy bear, wouldn't hurt a flee did.

Becca said...

A boy will NEVER pay someone money to do something he can do himself...the details are unimportant. hehehe