Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disneyland??? Ever heard of it?

So I'm pretty patient when it comes to dealing with incompetence.

Afterall, I am the one who used to pull up into my neighbors driveway when I was pregnant, thinking it was mine.
I've been known to miss a joke or two.
I shot a hole in the back of my father-in-law's truck trailer - oopsie!
And I never knew what "AKA" stood for until about 2 years ago when my little sister told me.
Thus, I understand we all have our hair-brained moments of life.


I've NEVER encountered a more ridiculous conversation than I had today;
with a TRAVEL AGENT nonetheless.

It went a little something like this:

ME: Hi, I'd like to see what resorts are available near Disneyland in the middle of March. My dates are flexible.

LADY: Where would you like to check?

ME (thinking she just misunderstood me): Oh, Disneyland.

LADY: Mam, is that on the East Coast, West Coast? Or in the North or South?

ME: Umm, Disneyland? That'd be the West Coast.

LADY: Could you be more specific of where you'd like me to check.

ME (finding this very entertaining): Oh, yeah, how about Anaheim in Southern California.

LADY: Is that on the East or West of California?

ME (thinking I should call 911 right about now to go check and see if this lady has a pulse): Oh, yeah, that would be on the West Coast of Southern California.

LADY: And can you be more specific of where you would like to go on the West Coast in California?

What are we not understanding here???

LADY: Well I see nothing available anywhere near there.
Would you like me to see if there's availability near Disneyworld in Florida?

Am I missing something here?
Please tell me I'm not the one with the problem.

PS- Please tell me you've heard of Disneyland and you know who these 2 characters are???



Lindsey said...


Atwoods said...

oh yes. i kept thinking she HAD to be joking with me. it was SO BIZARRE!

it was one of those conversations where I was left thinking...did that dialogue really just take place?

Kristine Gray said...

I think there is a village somewhere looking for its idiot.

Matt and Jessie said...

You better get someone else to book your trip! She might actually book you at Tokyo Disney by mistake!

Harts said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha, and I am still laughing. Wow...someone is on drugs or something. However this did make for an entertaining story :)

MB Newson said...

forget if she knew where d-land was... she apparently didn't even know if freakin California was north, south, east, or west for crying out loud! A travel agent? really? sounds like she needs a new calling in life. wow.
by the way, we live practically down the street. and by practically i mean we're more than one street away but it may as well be one since it only takes 5 minutes. hahaa
hurray for season passes!
By the way... who the heck calls travel agents these days?? ever heard of EXPEDIA??! based on your post though, i'm going to say maybe not. hahaaha

The Cardon's said...

That is great! DId she speak english? It wa random you posted this because this morn while I was geting ready I was thinking we needed to take the kiddies there this summer. Wouldn't taht be fun? Maybe- Austin would go and we could use our travel voucher. who knows. Well- I hope you guys make it there! Who doesn't know where Disneyland is anyway- I mean really?

The Bock Family said...

Wow....totally crazy. I's Disneyland!! Anyways, if you come down, be sure to let MaryBeth and I know. We would love to see you there for a day. It's been way too long!! Also, I have an extra bedroom but I am probably 60-75 minutes away. Just an offer though......

Jenni said...

Oh, oh, Disneyland! I know Disneyland! Maybe I should be a travel agent.

Dee said...

But she gave you fuel for your blog. I've had to many encounters like that trying to plan a move overseas. I swear I don't know how some of these places stay in business! No wonder our economy is tanking.

GREAT blog
Found you through

mrs. said...

disneyland, huh? never heard of it.

Markham said...

That is too funny. Don't you wish you had it recorded for those nights you need a good laugh?

Becca said...

I think the easier you make someone's job, the harder it is for them. Did you ever get helped?

The Mostess said...

Two words:

Indian Callcenter.

That's all you need to know.

Jennikunz said...

That is FUNNY!! Sounds like alot of customers that call me. I had guy once say "I need a ticket to the south" I said "what state in the south" and he said "is the south really that big??"
oh my gosh! Go back to 5th grade geography!