Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Girl & Her Hat.

As sauntering through Target, Avycakes started squealing with glee and screaming:

So what's a mother to do on a rainy day, but get her the hat?
However, I'm not a complete pushover.
She did keep screaming, "Mommy, HAT!" all through Target, insisting I wear the hat.

Come on, I have a bit more self-pride than to prance around
Tar-jay with a toddler's $1 wide-brimmed hat resting gently on my head.
So she got the hat, but I wouldn't wear it.

She has been in complete love with this awesome hat since we paid for it at the register.
She wore it in the car.

She wore it all through our Baskin Robbins visit.

She wears it when she plays.

And she wears it when she wakes up.

By golly, this might just be the best buck I've ever spent.
No, I take that back.

The Nabisco Snak Sak of Golden Vanilla Oreos is probably the best buck I've ever spent.


Matt and Jessie said...

Love it! She is such a doll in that hat! Sometimes a girl just has to get her way!

The Mostess said...

Well, it is a very lovely hat!

I expect to see her (hat an all) more now that we can stay out and party until 9pm with sunlight!! At the very least, we can go on walks later.

Lucky 7s said...

ok.. that's just too darn cute. I want to squeeze her!

Candi said...

What a Doll!
But see, that only works when you have one child (or the second one hasn't figured that out yet!)
If I give in to one, I have to give into all three! I have learned to put my hard hat on when we go to the store.