Monday, March 16, 2009

Bye Bye BOB...sob, sob, sob

Alright, who's the wise guy that thinks he can sneak up to the front of my house,
squeeze between my car and the garage,
and run off with my jogger stroller?

Huh? Fess up you thief you!

Thanks to you and your sticky fingers I had to rough the terrain of the hills today with my Graco.

Bye, Bye, Bob.

You've served our family well for the past 18 months.

Sure I bought you for a steal at a garage sale.
And sure, maybe my plan was to use & abuse you then post you on craigslist for more than I paid for you.

But regardless, through it all, you've been a tremendous exercise buddy.

You'll be missed.

And to the thug
that thinks he can just take whatever looks appealing to his little beady, integrity-less eyes, I'm concocting a trap to reel you back in and capture you.

So be wise, oh naughty one, be wise.


The Mostess said...

Let THAT be a lesson for you, missy! Hide all valuables when the garbage pick-up is in full effect....peeps steal. Bad, bad people steal your nice things.

David and Kira Bowen said...
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David and Kira Bowen said...

I feel your pain Hayley. My jogging stroller just broke. I don't know if I can go on without it...
Oh, and I think you should leave out some cookies filled with laxative for your "friend." That should do it.

Lindsay said...

Lame! What is wrong with people?

Stephanie said...

That's a total bummer! I hate people who steal.

Tara said...

I am crying for you right now! Poor Jogger, Poor Avy and Haley! But I have great confidence in mouse trap. That'll teach him!

Matt and Jessie said...

I confess, I drove all night and decided instead of visiting, I would "borrow" your stroller and then return it at some later date. Did I forget to leave a note? Hee Hee. Sorry about your stroller. You should leave your regular stroller out tonight with the traps set and see if you can catch yourself a theif!

SISSY said...

That is awful! I am so sad for you...I don't like when things get stolen. I had a bike stolen in H.S. from my house, and it just made me so so sad.
Hope you can find another deal on a stroller...I have no doubt you will with your shopping savvy!

abby bennett said...

I am begging you to come and get the jogger in my shed!! I know its not bob but it will soften the blow. If you don't come I am giving it away on craigslist!!

susette said...

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