Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why do I have California Love?

Because we can drive a little over 3 hours
for a beautiful weekend getaway to this:

Breathtaking Pismo Beach

A-cakes & Tatty-O swimming

Chasing the disease-infested Birdies

Kite Flying

Risking the lives of my 2 favorite people

Beach Combing

Checking out the Scenery

Gazing at the Aqua-life

Posing for a pic before lunch with our fabulous travel companions, the Pharris Family


jjk said...

Yes! This is why we pay so much for our life here, to enjoy the beach :) Glad you had a wonderful trip, and that no one was bitten.
I am ready to go enjoy the beach, haven't done that yet..I might be mistaken as a beached whale!

Matt and Jessie said...

Call me Kermit because I am GREEN with envy!!! Glad you guys had a nice time. Avy is such a doll!

The Cardon's said...
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Rufuz and Kare said...

I'm jealous. We're close to Oregon and Washington beaches, but it's not quite the same.

Johnson Family said...

I am very jealous!! It looks absolutely beautiful there!! Avy is so adorable! I love that red hair!!

Rusty and Tara said...

If you keep posting stuff like that you're gonna have a LOT of house guests. Including me.....when can I come? :)